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Means of Encounter

“God’s inerrant written Word is the window through which we encounter his beautiful presence.” -G.K. Beale

Pushing Back The Wilderness

I’m currently reading through a book titled Angels In The Architecture: A Protestant Vision For Middle Earth by Doug Wilson and Doug Jones. The book is excellent, and I plan on doing a full review when I finish, but for the moment I want to focus on the main story of the book. 599 more words


Review: Making All Things New

One of the the end goals of the Christian faith is that we are waiting for Christ to destroy “every rule and every authority and power” (1 Cor 15.24). 1,073 more words


Review: Between the Cross and the Throne

How often do Christians read Revelation? Do you think when you read it? Are you intrigued? Do you feel fear? Anxiety? Confusion? Does it lead you to praise and worship our Lord and Savior, the Lion-Lamb King? 863 more words


G.K. Beale's Guidelines for Finding Inter-textual Connections in Scripture

Inter-textuality is the hermeneutic of relating texts to other texts in Scripture. How does one do this well without vitiating both texts? G.K. Beale has some helpful guidelines. 222 more words

Why Descriptions of God Are Not License to Make Images of God

So, pictures of God…

Often enough I hear people say: ‘Yes, it is a picture of God, but it is based on what Scripture described in a certain passage’ (Like Exodus 19 or Revelation 1). 270 more words