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New Audio on the New Heavens & the New Earth

Eternal rest and joy in the presence of God are without doubt the supreme hope of the believer. While there is relatively little in Scripture telling us exactly what we are to expect in the World to Come, there are nevertheless a number of references to New Heavens and a New Earth that do indeed supply a glimpse of our eternal home.  43 more words


Worship in Heaven

Below are my notes from Sunday morning on Revelation 5:8-14. I have titled the post ‘worship in heaven’ because so much of the scene is set around the worship of God. 3,360 more words

Sunday Class Notes

Revelation 4: The Throne Room

Last Sunday I taught on Revelation chapter four. Inevitably the discussion was richer than the notes reveal, and I mentioned other verses that sometimes I would normally add back in after the fact, but for this post I’m going to leave it as is simply due to time constraints. 3,963 more words

The Church at Laodicea

Below are my notes from yesterday morning’s teaching on Revelation. I hope you enjoy!

To the Church in Laodicea

Laodicea is an ancient city in present-day western Turkey, founded by Seleucid King Antiochus II in honor of his wife, Laodice. 3,147 more words

Sunday Class Notes

Review: Hidden But Now Revealed

People love mysteries. Whether it be Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, or Scooby Doo, it’s not hard to figure out: everybody loves a good mystery… 1,084 more words


How is the Lord's Supper Related to New Creation?

When I participate in Communion I don’t usually think about the inauguration of the new creation. With this being Easter week and today being Maundy Thursday, it is appropriate to think about the connection between the two. 366 more words


G.K. Beale on the Number "666"

One of the most debated portions of the book of Revelation is the identifying mark of the beast mainly the numbers 666. The eschatological acrostic that some have undertaken to come up with an individual in their own specific time has been almost humorous if not sad. 28 more words