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Michel Houellebecq on France’s Distributist Future

I recently listened to an audiobook of the German translation of Michel Houellebecq’s controversial novel Soumission— which, as most readers will know, is about Muslim party taking power in France. 821 more words

The Falcon

"The way to love..." G.K. Chesterton quote

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost”

G.K. Chesterton

Are there any things, or people you take for granted because of your familiarity with them? 31 more words



What if common daisies aren’t common at all? What if each dime-a-dozen daisy is actually a rare and exceptional masterpiece? What if, like each of the trillion other unique parts of creation — from microscopic dust particles to molecular DNA to majestic mountains — the daisy actually carries the status of herald, signpost, awe-inspirer? 178 more words


The Man Who Knew Too Much

G.K. Chesterton from Wikipedia

Alfred Hitchcock directed The Man Who Knew Too Much, which was released in 1934 and featured the diabolical Peter Lorre… 665 more words


The Amateur Woman

There is a very well-known axiom: anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. It gets quoted often, generally as an excuse for a mediocre performance, but that is not what the author meant. 783 more words

Personal Reflections

G.K. Chesterton: A Most Unlikely Saint

This in The Atlantic (H/T to Shannon Selin)

If you’ve got only 10 minutes, read his essay “A Much Repeated Repetition.” (“Of a mechanical thing we have a full knowledge.

41 more words
Philosophical Literature

O God of Too Much Giving

April 12, 2015
Bright and Saving PASCHA
of our Lord Jesus Christ

Come, let us drink,
Not miraculous water
Drawn from a barren stone,
But a new vintage… 555 more words

Holidays (Holy Days)