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Juicy J Ft G.O.D - "Breathe" (Official Music Video)

Juicy J shows no love for the po po in his latest video ‘Breathe’ featuring G.O.D.


The Dunes

Today I do not  know where  to begin. I will say  it  has  been  hot and  muggy in the  great northwest ( so  much for the  lake effect). 326 more words

Dance like Nobody's Watching

Last  night I was going thru  some  of the things I had gotten  from The Secret Affair and  I  plopped down the Zerkalo dance  pit,Man am I glad I did. 495 more words

Leave No Man

For Romans, there’s a saying “Eagle lost, honor lost; honor lost, all lost.” Are The eagles thinking the same of the soldier?

The Secret affair  has  kicked  off  with a bang. 416 more words

Mischief at Managed Mischief

So, There I was at the Wizarding Faire looking around at what they have to offer. As its been a year since the last time the faire came to town I was in desperate need of vital items needed in my daily life( chocolate frogs, earwax flavored jelly beans and all sorts of potions). 491 more words

New Music: Juicy J Ft. G.O.D. - Pardon Me

Juicy J drops “Pardon Me” produced by Tarentino 808.

Listen inside:


Juicy J – Pardon Me (feat. G.O.D)

The hustle continues as Juicy J drops off a gritty sounding cut titled ‘Pardon Me’ featuring G.O.D.