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Kpop TBT

Hi everyone this week Kpop TBT would be be old school. I really wanted to do this for a long time. I hope that you guys enjoy this week TBT. 108 more words


The Tinker

Hello  all! ..Time  for  more  whimsical. I recently  made the  blogger  list  for  none  other than DRD!… YUSH!.  I  was  given  a  plethora of  items  and  a  new  collection  that will be at retroville  August  15th. 405 more words

[Chill] Hong Kong, Day 1- Starbucks Bing Sutt 星巴克冰室

The first day of our Hong Kong Trip this time round i decided to visit some interesting place which i have yet been before.

My itinerary was adjusted last minute due to the rain storm in Hong Kong as i was planning to go off island a a day trip the next day in the end it was call-off. 112 more words


Juicy J Ft G.O.D - "Breathe" (Official Music Video)

Juicy J shows no love for the po po in his latest video ‘Breathe’ featuring G.O.D.


The Dunes

Today I do not  know where  to begin. I will say  it  has  been  hot and  muggy in the  great northwest ( so  much for the  lake effect). 326 more words

Dance like Nobody's Watching

Last  night I was going thru  some  of the things I had gotten  from The Secret Affair and  I  plopped down the Zerkalo dance  pit,Man am I glad I did. 495 more words

Leave No Man

For Romans, there’s a saying “Eagle lost, honor lost; honor lost, all lost.” Are The eagles thinking the same of the soldier?

The Secret affair  has  kicked  off  with a bang. 416 more words