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Solitary Dancer - G String - Umwelt

Solitary Dancer – Dualism (dark entries)

Ένα κομμάτι αρκεί για να ξυπνήσει αναμνήσεις ενός παρελθόντος που συμβαίνει ξανά και ξανά. Στη δεύτερη μίνι κυκλοφορία του Καναδού Solitary Dancer έχουμε τον απόλυτο ύμνο του σήμερα. 30 more words


Not Just a G String

There are rounded monoliths that rise
To proclaim their own turf, as eyes pop out like springs
To wonder, what heaven am I in.
And strangely there is no string theory here. 170 more words


5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date

5 Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary Date  Time flies fast when loved ones happen to be with us. As the years pass by, anniversaries reminds us of the beautiful years together. 336 more words

Men's Underwear

Lace Underwear Lessons every Man must Learn

If you go through the statistics, every one man in five wears the wrong sized men’s underwear. That’s a lot because, with so many articles and awareness about what the wrong size could do to their manhood, it still is going on. 393 more words

Men's Underwear

Dampak Negatif Dibalik Penggunaan G-String

Jika anda merasa seksi saat menggunakan G-String, mungkin iya. Namun jangan salah, penggunaan G-String ternyata dapat berdampak buruk pada kesehatan. Inilah Dampak Negatif Dibalik Penggunaan G-String… 440 more words


Winter '17 Must-haves !!!!Accessories

In this week’s Video , I present to you waht I have in my bag , for the Winter season, I have all kinds of interesting stuff for the cold season , as well as some kinky things…The most interesting by far is my chocker called ” Diamond eye” from my chocker line. 78 more words