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I frckng love thongs!

I love thongs. I doubt there are many people who don’t, but I also doubt there are many that love them as much as I do. 663 more words


Beer on the Box - Rolling Rock

Flabby man bum in g-strings? Way to make me not want to buy your beer, Rolling Rock.

Beer On The Box

Why and Why Not Should you have Bikini Underwear?

You must have heard it a numerous number of times that bikini underwear for men is beneficial for the male anatomy as well as the overall personality. 315 more words

Men's Bikini Underwear

G-String - Seductive Games [PBD004]

G-String brings something new to the Broken Dreams pot. Stripped down, bare bones blackened machine music. Decoration is removed, the ornate purged. In their place sit burnt out remains. 25 more words


RuzishunWomen's sexy lingerie chiffon and lace Sleepwear Underwear

I cannot say enough how obsessed I am with this line of lingerie! As a mom of three, it’s very very rare that my husband and I get any alone time; and it’s even more rare that I feel sexy when we do get that. 292 more words

Featured - Saucy Saturday Nights

Now every woman in a relationship, or out of one is going to have that one set of lingerie that makes them want to flirt and be sexy. 190 more words

Topless in public | Story time

“Hi, how are you?

Pop your stuff on the chair,

Take your clothes off,

There’s a G-string over there.”

But I couldn’t do that,

My butt cheeks exposed! 271 more words

Chronically Single