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[Cheer Your Dream Up] Circle Fate - Vignette

Circle Fate

Author : mintulli

Cast : Jungyeon, Mina, Jihyo (TWICE)

Genre : AU, friendship, slice of life

Rating : G

Length : Vignette (2500+ words) 2,651 more words

[1st] Cheer Your Dream Up

Omori Miyu G+ Jul.23.16

Good eveningpon✨

…まだ8月もあるよ〜( ̄▽ ̄)❤️嬉しい
We’ve completed the 3rd day at USJ!!
..and there are still more in August〜( ̄▽ ̄)❤️ yay

It makes me so happy to be performing in that fantasy world (^^) 43 more words


Komiyama Haruka G+ Jul.23.16

Today, for the first time we ran the play at the Akasaka ACT Theater like we were doing it for real o(>▽<)o

もう明後日が本番…! 今の私の感情はドキドキワクワクって言葉が1番ピッタリです✨ 139 more words


Sleep Training Day: 7

I have nothing new to report. Like nothing :(. The night was the same as it has been.

Nap #1: he slept for an hour and 15 minutes. 165 more words

[Ficlet] Merajuk.

author: am|| cast:  Kim Doyeon (IOI/Fantagio), Lee Minhyung/Mark Lee (NCT)  || lenght: short || genre: bubblegum pop || Disclaimer: saya buat fanficnya, Tuhan yang bikin orangnya. 989 more words


[Drabble] A Magician and Her 'Abracada-yum!'

A Magician and Her ‘Abracada-yum!’

by twelve

Minatozaki Sana; a Magician

<350 words (drabble); magician!AU, not-so-romance, broken!fluff, comedy

Pertanyaannya adalah, kenapa pula buku-buku Sana musti ikut berjatuhan? 428 more words

TWFI Fanfiction

Twelve reblogged this on Twelve's Prank and commented:

Efek nonton 'Magic Kaito 1412'. So, yeah, I present you a fiction with Minatozaki Sana and a Magician! <3

Sleep Training Day: 6

Well last night was no different than the other nights. I think he woke up three times, the first time I rocked him back to sleep, the second time I held his hand until he fell asleep and third time I gave him his bottle and he fell asleep with that. 124 more words