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Update: Shippuden reveals upcoming Boyhood Arc character retrospectives

At last Naruto and Sasuke kicked the passive aggressive act, thrashing out all their frustrations in the double-sized episode ‘Final Battle’. As of Naruto Shippuden… 245 more words


The Eyes of a Tortured Soul

This was for an English assignment last year. (I’m going through my google drive, as you may have noticed, haha) We had to write a short passage, a hundred words or so. 124 more words


Chuunin Exams! Boruto's Abilities - Boruto 3

Boruto 3 see’s the Chunin exams begin as most villages join in with their own candidates. Seeing Boruto along with his teammates take the first and second parts of the Chunin exams as others behind the scene try to see if Boruto uses technology or depends upon his own skills. 553 more words


The Tempest Queen - Temari

Temari is known for the abilities she posses allowing her to control and create wind. She is a member of the Kazekage clan and the eldest to Kankuro and Gaara. 84 more words


Cha ơi, sao tóc con màu hồng vậy - Gaasaku

Disclaimer: Bản dịch thuộc về Trang Thị Tuyết Linh, truyện được viết bởi Kawaii Berri
Tên gốc: Daddy, why is my hair pink?

“Cha ơi, sao tóc con có màu hồng dạ?” Kyo năm tuổi nhỏ bé hỏi cha cha nó. 950 more words


Anime Corner: Kakashi's Love Song

Are you a Naruto fan? If yes, then you’ll definitely enjoy this episode. 19 more words

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