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Coming to (Literary) Terms: Foil

Part of what makes a graphic novel more novel than novelty is the fact that it can be used to discuss and appreciate the nature of literature in a relatively accessible format. 553 more words


Review: Naruto Shippuden Box 24

Box 24 begins one episode into Shippuden season 14 with a continuation of the clash between Gaara and his father, an overall feel for the collection’s strong and weak points crystallised in the conclusion of this standoff. 476 more words


No Love, Gaara

whч dσєѕ ít hurt ѕσ much?
í cαn’t ѕєє ít
вut í cαn fєєl ít.
thíѕ pαín ín mч chєѕt.
thє lσnєlínєѕѕ, ít’ѕ crєєpíng wíthín. 104 more words


Gaara? More Like Get Outta My Face.

Seriously like this kid appears out of nowhere.

Okay let me start from the beginning.

So the Chunin Exams are coming up and I’m just sitting around up in this tree, right? 364 more words


Naruto Storm 4: Chunin Exams Gaara vs Rock Lee

Chunin exams are here! The tai-jutsu green beast of the leaf fights against gaara of the sand! Rock Lee is more focused on speed. Gaara is focused on defense. 6 more words


Naruto Storm 4: Farther's Day (vs match)

This is a fight between Naruto, the self righteous ninja, versus Gaara of the sand, the murder of the sand. They have there reanimated fathers with them. 20 more words


My fav anime characters part 5! Naruto edition! Part 1!

Kakashi Hatake

Okay despite the fact that I have never seen his full face, I still love him. He is most definitely one of my favorites. 667 more words