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Naruto Season 2 Revisited: Society


Did you all read that in Kakashi’s voice? I hope you did. I also hope you are ready for more Naruto. I’m on a bit of a… 901 more words

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Naruto Season 1 Revisited: COME ON!


I bet you all fell out of your seats when you saw today’s topic for an anime review! I know I know after many a week I’m reviewing an anime that… 1,241 more words

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Boruto finally separates itself from the movie

Boruto takes a step in the right direction

I have been critical of the Boruto manga series for several reasons, being a monthly, the art style and the rehashing of the… 158 more words

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Momoshiki Fights! Naruto's Rescue - Boruto 7

Boruto 7 focuses on Naruto’s rescue as well as Momoshiki and Kinshiki fighting the Kage’s in order to stop both of them from taking Naruto’s powers. 397 more words


Gaara's Loneliness! Shikamaru's Friends - Naruto Shippuden 482

Naruto Shippuden 482 see’s Gaara’s past, even as far as to see his mother’s face. We also learn that Kankuro and Temari were there at the start but Gaara’s father shut them out from him. 225 more words


Gaara-The Defensive Powerhouse Character Information

The bonds of the ninja have reappeared! Recruit S-Level ninjas in the Naruto official MMORPG Game! Formulate the strongest teams and experience different ways of playing, like multiplayer combat! 293 more words