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An Interview with Author and Philosopher Brett Stevens

So I’m starting a new feature of my site. It’s a series of interviews focusing on interesting and unique writers, artists, thinkers and whatever that I find on Gab.ai. 3,174 more words

Alt Right

Averting an Australian ‘Deepwater Horizon’: the power of the people

This post is by Professor Tina Hunter, the co-Director of our Centre for Energy Law

Today some of us will go to the movies. A few of us will see the new action thriller called… 1,678 more words


Twitter Support Caught in Web of Deception!

Watch Twitter Support admit I’m censored (Shadowbanned) and have broken no rules!  Amazing e-mails from Twitter!  Twitter Support offers multiple explanations for why my tweets are not showing up to anyone, but not one of those reasons is that I have broken any rules.  1,354 more words


Twitter can't shut people up! Get on #Gab!

Twitter is dishonest, biased, and are setting the stage for their own demise.

By continuously censoring the voices of conservatives, Twitter has created a marketplace for competition that actually values… 1,072 more words


Better social media

I HAVE A Facebook page under a fake name. I use it almost exclusively to leave comments on news sites. Many news sites only accept comments via Facebook. 169 more words

Libertarian View

Conservative Social Media Alternatives

With social media giants such as You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter becoming increasingly censorious, antagonistic, and dictatorial towards conservatives I have begun looking for alternatives to the status quo. 574 more words


Open Letter to @Jack @Vijaya & @Torbahax, CEO of @Getongab. #custserv

I support Gab.  Openly.  Presently without reservation.

This unreserved support is after blogging about abuse on twitter since 5/2014 after noting abuse of others that was transferred to myself as I resolved to write about the abuse I was witnessing. 788 more words

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