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I Dreamed I Was Elvis!

Just in from Japan… very cool Elvis inspired cotton knit from 706 Union. Fabulous!

Click on Dry Bones 25 more words

Introducing #GAB!

I’ve been teasing you for months, and today I can finally reveal exactly what #GAB is; but I don’t have to do it alone! Watch the video below then read more about the announcement after the break! 215 more words

#GAB Teaser

Less than two days until you know what #GAB is all about; it’s only fair to whet your appetite a little bit first…

The Continuing Countdown To GAB

Sunday’s #GAB announcement is fast approaching, and I have to be honest, I can really tell; lots of exciting things are happening behind the scenes that are making me as giddy as a kipper (I have no idea why kippers are seemingly the giddiest of the animal kingdom, but apparently they are). 122 more words

The Countdown To GAB...

I’ve been teasing for what feels like forever; but not for much longer! #GAB, my huge project that has been simmering away in the background for a long while now, is due to be revealed in less than a week! 169 more words

visualizing inequality

One of my resources to keep in touch with development debates is Oxfam GB Duncan Green’s From Poverty to Power blog. Apart from his own interesting posts and guest contributions he regularly publishes a Links I Liked post that always contains click-worthy stuff. 459 more words