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Tech Alternatives To The Evil Tech Giants (TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW) LINK

“It’s time to move away from the evil tech monopolists such as Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

A growing list of alternative platforms is rapidly emerging, and it’s up to each of us to “de-platform” the tech giants while seeking more independent, pro-liberty platforms. 97 more words

Moral Reads

Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Hardy Girls Healthy Women

Hardy Girls Healthy Women is a non-profit organization based in Waterville, Maine. There are many different sections of the Hardy Girl program. 232 more words


Why Are Supporters Of A White Supremacist Terror Group Allowed To Organize On Gab?

Gab CEO Andrew Torba has made it clear that his social media platform will allow almost any content without the threat of censorship — which is why it’s no surprise that white supremacists have flocked to it since its creation in 2016. 1,310 more words


Headlines -- 10/05/18

Officer Jason Van Dyke is found guilty of murdering Laquan McDonald, Trump promotes an anti-Semitic conspiracy about George Soros, Gab was cut off from its payment processor, and more. 121 more words


Leaving the Internet for Two weeks

Since I was a young teenager, the internet has been a large part of my life.  I’ve always been an avid consumer of whats on the net, I cord cut cable before it was cool, I played MMOs that were text based before World of Warcraft, I’ve digitized my DVD library before streaming services came around, I even used my PC to text my friends before smart phones were big.  336 more words


FAKE QAnon And FAKE Trump Supporters Storm Social Media. Neo Alt Right Nazi Sympathizer Movement To Hurt Trump In 2020.

Neo-Alt Right vs Alt-Right

Alt Right = Trump supporters, Christians, Muslims, Independents, Liberals, Republicans, Conservatives. Former Democrats, Blacks, Whites, Native Americans, Jews, Latinos, Asians who love one another.  558 more words

Invictus Poetry Critique

My interpretation of the poem by Ernest Henley “Invictus” is centered on braveness, self-control and determination. The poem aims to encourage people that are facing challenges and the people who are losing hope in continuing to fight and conquer their problems. 612 more words