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The Blogging Thing...

I have to admit, I’ve tried the whole blogging thing and I’ve gotta say; it doesn’t really do much for me.

The great irony here is the fact that I recently graduated college with an English degree. 164 more words


Being an OFW

I just want to share with you this message I received from my sister yesterday.

See, I have been an OFW for almost 5 years now and I make it a point to go home every year.  344 more words


Me Babbling About Stuff.. Blah Blah Blah

well I am almost in my second week of my programming class. Just like last week I am coming right on the deadline and turning in my assignment at the last minute. 463 more words

The Phone Call. (Uncle Flabbergast's Party pt 1a)

Brring!  Brring!

Oh, it’s GAB!  Ear-chewing commence…

Our Engagement Video

More than a week had passed and I’m still overjoyed with the thought of finally being engaged. Until now, I can still feel some butterflies in my stomach whenever I remember how Ian proposed to me. 458 more words


Brougham Road, Youth Club

gab have been working on Regents Estate in Hackney for the last couple of years. We are part of a co-operative workspace whose office is based on the estate. 597 more words

Regents Estate

Life's Work

I currently participate in a weekly women’s group that uses the principles of GAB, an acronym for guided autobiography, to reflect upon our lives. (For more information on GAB, … 762 more words