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La chute annoncée de EXPRESS UNION: les grandes erreurs stratégiques qui ont fait passer EXPRESS UNION de leader des transferts d’argent en outsider en sérieuse difficulté

S’il y a une situation que tout camerounais observant la scène économique de son pays a dû remarquer ces derniers mois c’est l’offensive marketing et commerciale (lancement prochain de GAB, kiosque Express Union Mobile, etc) de Express Union, le désormais ex géant des transfert d’argent au Cameroun. 2,683 more words


Grub, Gab, and Grind

I like solitude in high doses; friendship to be constant, stable, and deep; social outings chatty, intimate, and in moderate amounts; food comforting, occasionally inventive, in generous amounts, and shared with friends. 1,441 more words


#ThursdayThoughts Manchester City - Warm enough for you, Gab? #mcfc #mancity #manchestercity...

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Welcome Google AI & Gab

SMART SEARCH: Ask Google’s search app “What is the fastest bird on Earth?,” and it will tell you, “Peregrine falcon. According to YouTube, the peregrine falcon has a maximum recorded airspeed of 389 kilometers per hour.” Google’s search engine pinpoints a YouTube video describing the five fastest birds on the planet and then extracts just the information you’re looking for. 162 more words