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Celebrating Fran's Birthday at Iysare

After watching three World Cup soccer games this morning with Ryan and Eric Anderson (soccer teammates and roommates), we drove up to Berkeley and explored Telegraph Avenue and went record shopping. 57 more words


XVI, Curse

The light was growing dim. It was time to wake up. Simon looked around the room, but it was still too bright to see. He could vaguely make out the wooden walls and another bed against the blinding orange sunlight from the windows. 1,452 more words

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Fun Day at the Exploratorium, Valencia Street and Marin Headlands

Pat, Justine, Lily and Everett are here and we spent the day running around San Francisco.  Our first stop was the Exploratorium at Pier 15. Lily remembered the fresh baguette bread bakery at the Ferry Building so as we drove by to park our cars, we made a schedule adjustment to eat lunch first. 290 more words


XV, Phobia

Nearly four years had passed Since Gabe had come to stay with Bram, Simon, and Astrid, but he still didn’t feel at home. Not that he could remember his home. 6,244 more words

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חיי תנועה מהצד השניMovement Life from the Other Side

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שלום לכולם. אנחנו לארי ודנה, ההורים של גייב כצמן. אנחנו רוצים לספר לכם על ביקרנו בן השבועיים בישראל לבקר את גייב במרץ 2018. 2,266 more words

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