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Trump vetting Wisconsin Supreme Court justice for administration post

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is being considered for a job in the Trump White House, although it is not clear which position he is being considered for.  24 more words

Theories on why Justice Gableman is stepping down from Supreme Court

To the announcement that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman will not run for reelection in 2018, Urban Milwaukee says, “Good riddance”, adding that it’s good news for anyone who wants justices with integrity because it views Gableman as “the most ethically challenged justice on the Supreme Court.” > Urban Milwaukee

Judge who helped defend Act 10 will seek Supreme Court seat

Sauk County Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock, who once worked on a legal team to defend Gov. Walker’s collective bargaining law, is joining the 2018 race for a seat on the state Supreme Court.  25 more words

Conservative Gableman won't seek re-election to state Supreme Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman won’t seek a second term, he announced this week. While a spokesman said “it is my understanding” that the justice will serve the rest of his term that ends July 2018, a source with knowledge of Gableman’s plans said it’s unclear if that will happen. > Wisconsin State Journal

Retired WI judge: Big donations should require recusal

Retired circuit court judge and former chairman of the nonpartisan and now-disbanded Government Accountability Board, Gerald Nichol writes: “There is an overwhelming need for the adoption of a recusal rule as proposed in the petition, and every citizen of the state who stands for equal justice and honest government should come on board.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Second candidate announces run against WI Supreme Court Justice Gableman

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet has entered the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court, becoming the second candidate to announce plans to seek the seat held by conservative Justice Michael Gableman.  28 more words