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The upside of Gableman's win

Despite the disappointing result of the Gableman fiasco, supporters of judicial reform have reason to be optimistic. Although Gableman and his right wing allies will undoubtedly claim victory, the judge comes out of this ordeal politically tarnished. 141 more words

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How Liberals Win a Supreme Court Seat

I think if you would talk to liberals “off the record”, they would acknowledge they are rather befuddled by the Gableman victory. In the past few years two highly unqualified, yet conservative judges have won , while their liberal counterparts have lost. 284 more words


Thank You Shadowy PACS

While Tom Still may doubt the effect of shadowy third party ads, they certainly worked to keep Wisconsin voters home yesterday. Tom questioned if the debate participants were really that cynical since they were at the debate itself. 286 more words