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New Music Monday - Number Seven - Gabriel Bruce

Gabriel Bruce treads a line somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Boney-M.

We think it’s fair to say that Gabriel Bruce takes himself quite seriously. In his songs he muses on death and sex and the meaning of life and he flails around uncontrollably like a wacky waving inflatable tube man ad gimmick at a used car store (one for you Family Guy fans). 294 more words


20 December

Cien Hombres Ni Uno Más
One of the possible reasons as to why I’m currently obsessed with this song is probably because it contains so many of my favourite things: Spanish, a cello, a piano and a singer who hits those low notes perfectly. 196 more words

Song Of The Day

16 May

As you may have noticed, I just created a new category called “Current Obsession” to put songs I really love into. This way we can separate the songs that are simply here because I had it stuck in my head from those that I made song of the day because they are awesome. 276 more words

Song Of The Day

Legendary Rock Show celebrates 10th birthday

Last week saw the 10th birthday performances of the now legendary Bedales Rock Show. The show that has helped launch the careers of several notable OBs including… 165 more words

Bedales School

19 January

Sleep Paralysis
You wouldn’t believe the things that I have seen
I wouldn’t expect you to; you’ve never been asleep

These opening words, coupled with Gabriel Bruce‘s low voice, instantly caught my attention and made me want more. 317 more words

Song Of The Day

[cover] Gabriel Bruce - White Flag

Maybe a little depressing with the festive season upon us… but, oh well. This is a stunning cover of Dido’s ‘White Flag’. The Londoner is definitely reminiscent of Nick Cave in this track. 7 more words


White Flag.

I’d be lying if I said that, despite stumbling on a very groovy archived Suede site circa ’99 (comic sans galore), the first hour of today didn’t become a lot more bearable with the advent of the return of… 236 more words