Seratus Tahun Kesunyian, Gabriel García Márquez

Inggris adalah negara berabab yang masih tersisa di mana mereka memiliki semangat yang luar biasa dan ketika itu orisinalitas fiksi Amerika Latin kontemporer belum diakui. 680 more words


Gabriel Garcia Marquez on the things that linger after death

She could not avoid a profound feeling of rancor toward her husband for having left her alone in the middle of the ocean. Everything of his made her cry: his pajamas under the pillow, his slippers that had always looked to her like an invalid’s, the memory of his image in the back of the mirror as he undressed while she combed her hair before bed, the odour of his skin, which was to linger on hers for a long time after his death.

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love and cholera

I’ve been meaning to write and post this blog entry about Love in the Time of Cholera for a while now (a couple of weeks, really) but just haven’t gotten around to polishing it off. 741 more words


We Just Did What Needed To Be Done

Since it’s Sunday and it’s stopped raining, I think I’ll take a bouquet of roses to my grave. It’s been a while, and that mound of earth, crowned with a slate of grey and my name, is looking a little drab without them. 1,887 more words

My Winter Challenge

Memories of My Melancholy Whores

The novella is about a hoary man who decides to gift himself “a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin” on his ninetieth birthday. A Lolitaesque theme that can make even the most brazen person cringe. 374 more words

Bookish Takeaways

Livro: Ninguém Escreve ao Coronel (Gabriel García Márquez)

Primeiro devo dizer que, caso não tenha notado até agora, eu estava claramente escolhendo livros específicos para o Desafio Literário que tinham algo a ver com política, muito influenciada pelos eventos que estão se desenrolando no país. 604 more words


chronic romanticism and letter writing

The week-end before last, I finished reading Love in the Time of Cholera (by Gabriel Garcia Marquez) on a flight home from interstate. I finished reading it about half an hour before we were due to descend, and I spent this time staring out the window (I always choose a window seat if I can), reflecting on the events and characters of the novel, and also contemplating any parallels with my own life. 776 more words