My son Andrew is currently exploring Columbia. Yesterday he visited Aracataca the birthplace of García Márquez, which is widely recognized as the model for the mythical “Macondo”. 47 more words

Two Cultures

Happiness Is the Cure

No medicine cures what happiness cannot.

source: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos
Frangipani Spring 2015


Longed to Know

“The memory that would make the greatest mark on him was his conversation on that first night in the office of the Rector, who had arranged to see him to discuss the only book found in his trunk, its binding torn and the title page missing, just as Cayetano had discovered it in one of his father’s chests. 74 more words


Pot-pourri 27 x 2 +/- Standard Deviation

“Standard deviation, Scotty? I bet this was suggested by Mr. Spock?”

“Aye, Sir, it was. The above is an 18th century pirate on Fisherman’s wharf, San Francisco. 365 more words


Fearful Hallucinations

“Cases of rabies were neither limited nor insignificant in the history of the city. The most notorious was that of a street peddler who plied his trade with a trained monkey whose actions were almost indistinguishable from those of humans. 57 more words


The Phantasmal Silence

“His father banished him to the country estates with the authority of lord and master, which he did not deign to exercise. It was a living death. 105 more words


Whippersnappers, Stage Moms vs. the Would-Be Wisdom of the Elders (starring Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

For decades social critics have grown hoarse decrying the indisputable fact that North American culture has declined into a cult of youth.  Among other touchstones, they cite sitcoms that almost universally depict adults (especially males) as intellectually inferior to the wisecracking ten-year-old ironists who ultimately rule the ranch(-style) houses of Televisionland. 904 more words