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Wolverine Doesn't Believe In Ulysses's Visions

The new Inhuman Ulysses had a vision where Old Man Logan killed Gabrielle, the new Wolverine Laura Kinney’s clone. SHIELD agents, led by the original Captain America himself, tried to bring in Logan while he was recuperating in Laura’s place. 103 more words


Out Of Reach - Gabrielle

Louise Gabrielle Bobb also known simply as Gabrielle, is a multi-platinum selling, BRIT Award winning English singer and songwriter.

Gabrielle was born in Hackney, London. Her unconventional image includes short tight curls and an eye patch or sunglasses—she has ptosis, the drooping of one eyelid. 45 more words


All New Wolverine VS Old Man Logan

I’ve always thought Laura (All New Wolverine) knew Gabrielle had bone claws and a healing factor. She’s her clone after all. So why the surprise? 92 more words


Women and Networking

At one of my university’s career events, I met a recent graduate who was just starting her career in the field that interests me. I therefore sought out her advice for breaking into the business. 338 more words

Expat Women


Hi girls and guys,

I have been procrastinating for a while to create this blog, but yesterday (Sunday 18th September 2016) I believe God really spoke to me and said just go for it! 138 more words

The Coffee Ritual - Part 1

Despite living in different countries, there are common threads in our experiences. This project therefore aims not only to give a voice to each of the women, but also to highlight things to bring us together despite the geographic distance. 1,479 more words



Harga: 70.000 / pcs

Ukuran : allsize, lingkar dada 96 cm, panjang 59 cm

Bahan : diamond crepe
➡️ Karakteristik bahan yang mirip dengan premium diamond Italiano. 26 more words