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Too Good 8

The trapeze made life in their home possible but their love was what made it enviable. Married at 22 sex had been a big part of their relationship. 275 more words


Too Good 7

She stooped down, lifted the sopping wet towel off of the shower floor and draped it on a towel holder before pushing the wheelchair out of the shower. 276 more words


Too Good 6

When it came to showering getting Adriel back into the wheelchair was always more difficult than getting him out. “Slippery when wet” applies to a lot of surfaces including shower floors and skin and as his ALS progressed Adriel began more and more to embody the phrase “dead weight.” 227 more words


Too Good 5

The cold spray that hit them was invigorating and Adriel was reminded of last summer’s Facebook craze, “The Ice Bucket Challenge.” He’d thought it a shame that so many folks decided to use his ailment as a way to post silly videos but it was hard to argue with the one hundred million dollars the campaign had raised. 278 more words


Steinkjerfestivalen 2015 - Saturday with DumDum Boys, Europe, Bendik, OnklP og Slekta, Gabrielle and more

The second day of Steinkjerfestivalen was sunny and with more people than ever. It started early and the last band finished 10 hours later. This year will probably be the most commercially successful for the festival of all the ten years, and I am very happy for them. 963 more words


Too Good 4

“I’m sorry the stem cell research nose-dived,” Gabrielle said as she rolled the wheelchair into the voluminous shower and locked its wheels in place. “It’s always nice to have hope. 251 more words


The 5 Best LGBTQ Fictional Couples 

In honor of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, let’s celebrate with going over the best 5 adorkable couples in the dork verse.

#5: Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn… 222 more words