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Too Good 41

Even by METRO the trip to Doctor Theia’s never took more than an hour but that left Gabrielle and Adriel just two hours to get ready- precious little time when getting ready included a 99 pound blind woman providing physical therapy, preening, dressing, feeding and hoisting a 145 pound flaccid man around. 345 more words


Meet my Creation

Gabrielle Jade

July 13th, 2015

1:20 am

6lbs, 7 oz

19.5 inches


Too Good 40

Adriel remembered listening to Tom Petty singing, “The waiting is the hardest part,” on the radio back when he was in second grade and the feeling of helplessness that lying in bed with a full bladder instilled in him resurrected his early childhood feelings of dependency. 312 more words


Too Good 39

“Routine” can be a slippery word. Gabrielle and Adriel’s routine was anything but for most people. Adriel awoke and felt a pressure in his bladder. It had been well after midnight when his wife had held the urinal flask for him so he could relieve himself but he wasn’t sure what time it was now, nor what time she was planning to get up. 282 more words


Too Good 38

Gabrielle checked the alarm function on her phone and confirmed that it was set for seven. Though physically exhausted her mind refused to shut down and she concentrated on deep, meditative breaths to calm herself. 306 more words


Too Good 37

In response to Gabrielle’s laundry list of gleaned facts concerning Specialist Larry Gallardo, his wife, parents and life, Bill Finger let out a long whistle. “Jiminy Cricket! 342 more words


Too Good 36

Gabrielle remembered the sushi dinner as passable but the conversation with Bill Finger, aka Bruce Wayne, as inspired. She retold how she had heard Jenny’s pitiful cries at Arlington Cemetery and had felt compelled to reach out to her. 318 more words