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Too Good 70

Adriel heard the toilet flush and Gabrielle emerge from their bathroom. “Did I hear the phone ring?” she asked.


“Better check voice mail. Wonder who it is?” 343 more words


Airplanes, Arrivals, and Almost Settled

Hello world! Greetings from Clermont-Ferrand. Wow. What a whirlwind.

Well. I would argue that I have seen enough of the inside of an airplane to last me for the next…. 966 more words


Too Good 69

The phone was ringing and Gabrielle wasn’t picking up. ‘Crap,’ Adriel thought to himself, ‘let it go to voicemail or answer it– that is the question.’ Talking on the phone was more difficult for him than face to face conversations. 348 more words


Too Good 68

Adriel was confused by his server’s answer. “Paid for our drinks? You mean the old guy that was sitting catty corner to us?”

Amber nodded and said, “Yep. 391 more words


Too Good 67

Gabrielle returned to her table unassisted. “Forgive me for not standing,” her husband’s voder produced voice said.

She smiled, found his forehead, kissed it and asked, “How long have you been sitting on that one?” 370 more words


Too Good 65

Gabrielle figured that the easiest way to find the restrooms was to ask the hostess so she retraced her steps to the Bar Louie entrance where a familiar voice asked, “May I help you?” 289 more words


Books, Barratier, and Boston - Prepping for France

As a notoriously heavy packer, the task of “packing light” for France is a daunting one. Just to give you an idea: I brought nine books on my family camping trip this summer. 234 more words