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Jean Grey Heals Laura Kinney's Mind

About time someone heals Laura Kinney’s weakness to the trigger scent.

From – All New Wolverine #17


All New Wolverine Tries To Assassinate Tyger Tiger

If you’re wondering what that strange contraption All New Wolverine came in with, click here. It’s not for the weak stomach.

A surprise appearance by Gambit! 39 more words


Farm Kitties

Every where I go on the Farm, there’s a cat.
Here a cat…
There a cat…
Every where a cat, cat…

Today I wanted to take a few shots of the horses dozing in the sunlight. 149 more words

Roughhouse (All New Wolverine Vol. 1 #15)

Didn’t know who this was either. I googled him and turns out Roughhouse has been around since 1989 — the year he made his first appearance in comics.

From – All New Wolverine #15


Bellona Framed Laura Kinney For Murder

A few issues back, 3 water bombers released their cargo of trigger scent on a town while Laura Kinney was in there. We were led to believe that All New Wolverine lost control of herself and slaughtered everyone in the town.

From – All New Wolverine #18


All New Wolverine Kills Kimura

Fun fact! Wolverine can also be killed by drowning!

If you’re wondering why Wolverine is wearing an Iron Man armor, click here.

From – All New Wolverine #18