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Too Good 151

Gabrielle abruptly sat back down in the chair next to her husband’s hospital bed.

“Mrs. Gibeon?” Dr. Cater asked, “Are you alright?”

Rae Ann was already by her side checking her pulse. 694 more words


Motivation from thisiswhtmentalillnesslookslyk

Gabrielle, 25 “I suffer from BPD, agoraphobia, and major depression.
I have not self harmed since 13 years old. I also self medicated with drugs. I became addicted in a short amount of time. 82 more words


Too Good 149

Dr. Ashwald’s pronouncement that Adriel would likely be moved to hospice could scarcely have been more damning. “Hospice?” Gabrielle asked. “So this is really the end?” 652 more words


Too Good 148

The bank of elevators wasn’t far from the emergency room and Bill and Gabrielle hurried to the ER for the update about Adriel’s condition. There were still a lot of people in the waiting room and Bill noticed one man whose hand was inside a large plastic bag that subsequently held a towel that was saturated with blood. 804 more words


Too Good 147

After relieving herself in the restroom Gabrielle took a few minutes to calm down. One part of her brain was screaming at her to hurry to the emergency room in the hopes that the medical ministrations Adriel had received had at least stabilized him enough so that she could be by his side. 590 more words


Too Good 146

A distinct knock, knock, knocking intruded on the uneasy state of unconsciousness Gabrielle and Bill had fallen into as they’d sat in silent prayerful vigil waiting for news about Adriel. 597 more words


Too Good 145

Holy Cross’ chapel was small, austere and empty save for a young couple that slept in adjoining pews in the back of the room. Bill led the way in, whispering in Gabrielle’s ear, “Did you want to go to the altar to pray?” 590 more words