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Google Glass Gets Cool New Updates But Strips Away A Major Feature

After a year of its release Google Glass is finally up for sale today, April 15th  in the United States, but just for a day. It’s a smart marketing strategy by Google to sell its $1500(excluding tax) glass and to test whether it will click amongst the users or as Google terms them “Explorers”.  317 more words


Review: BSNL Champion DM6513

It seems Asus isn’t the only one making devices that are neither tablets nor phablets. The Indian maker and it’s partner Champion Computers are making it even tougher to call this device a phablet. 424 more words

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The Sony PlayStation 4 Is a New Attraction For The Gamoholics

Many years after the PS3 launch, and with 80m consoles sold worldwide in the interim, the new PlayStation is finally here. Sony has positioned the new PS4 as an ultimate gaming machine, with a powerful hardware specification and some cool features. 612 more words


Few Devices You May Own In 2015 As Early Tech Adopter

The thing about technology is that it manages to influence the way we live and think every day. If you watch anyone that doesn’t have an immediate task that requires their attention, you’ll notice that more often than not they end up pulling their phone out in order to browse through the next insignificant post. 566 more words

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Add Sony SmartWatch 2.0 To The Growing Market Of Cool Smartwatches

Smartwatch market is a new warzone for smartphone makers. After the launch of Smartwatch 1.0, Sony SmartWatch 2.0 is an upgraded version of the device, with better specifications and features. 361 more words