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Dyson Announced New Smart Air Purifier

Dyson, a famous company that makes advanced household appliances like vacuums and fans, unveiled the second edition of their smart air purifier called Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier. 194 more words


How to use your Mobile as Fan

Every body knows that hot weather is coming because its summer time. Now summer season is coming. Every one is trying to find the ways how we can save our self from hot weather. 50 more words

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5 Useful Gadgets for Your Garage

Garage is an important place for any driver. Obviously, it’s home for your beloved car but it can also be a workshop, where you keep your tools, or just a closet for stacking your other belongings. 336 more words

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Xiaomi Super-Compact Smart Thermometer

The latest Xiaomi device that was launched on a crowdfunding platform is a very interesting one. This is an electric smart thermometer in the shape of a button. 152 more words


Smart Hi-Tech Mug to Keep Beverages Hot

All busy people tend to get forgetful sometimes while being caught up with all the work. For example, you’re preparing something on a laptop, you poured yourself a cup of coffee but totally forgot about that and the coffee got too cold. 163 more words


Apple AR-Glasses Will Come Out After iPhone 8

Last year Tim Cook admitted that Apple was more interested in augmented rather than virtual reality. The main difference between them is that augmented or mixed reality uses the objects from the real world as surfaces for the virtual objects. 204 more words

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Okay, so I bought this phone for Php13,999 because my iphone 6’s battery got busted and I did not want to spend more money to get the all new iphone 7 – not now. 290 more words

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