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Toshiba Charger, External Memory Drive

Consumer electronics company Toshiba launched a new device, called Canvio for Smartphone. The main its feature is functionality – the gadget combines data storing and charging capabilities. 214 more words


Cisor Wireless Speaker Is Shipping Soon

A startupper James Talbot from Great Britain created a compact and quite unusual Bluetooth speaker, called Cisor. The main its peculiarity is the fact that it has no cone. 217 more words


AYL Silicone Cooking Gloves


I am the clumsiest person when it comes to cooking. whether I grill, am helping fry, and baking, I am the one that ends up with some sort of little or big burn on my hands. 252 more words

Gadget Reviews

Harman Kardon Cortana-Powered Smart Speaker

Voice-activated speakers are quite popular nowadays. There are some great devices from top-notch companies, like Amazon Echo or Google Home.
But now, there’s a new addition to this range – Microsoft partnered up with Harman Kardon to release a smart speaker, integrated with a voice assistant Cortana. 138 more words