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Here’s how thoroughly the smartphone has annihilated other gadgets

Mobile World Congress, the smartphone world’s biggest conference of the year, kicks off in a few days. Though Samsung’s Galaxy S8 isn’t likely to make an appearance, several new, not-crazily-different phones are still expected to be on display. 34 more words

Red shirt! Red shirt!

It snowed so much yesterday and all night.  It cooled off, but it’s already melting.  It’s fitting that tomorrow will be a slushy mess.  I’m failing at atheism.   686 more words


JCPenney To Close 130 to 140 Stores Over Next Few Months

This morning, JCPenney revealed plans to shutter more than 100 stores, putting it in the unwelcome company of other anchor store stalwarts — like Sears and Macy’s — who have recently begun paring down their retail footprint. 7 more words


Customs Agents Require Passengers On Domestic Flight To Show ID Before Exiting Plane

While you might be used to the sight of Customs and Border Protection agents checking the passports of travelers arriving in the United States from abroad, passengers on a recent domestic Delta Air Lines flight had the unusual experience of having to show identification before they could leave the… 8 more words


Kohl’s & Macy’s Looking For Roommates To Help Pay The Rent

The department store business model isn’t quite working in our current retail environment, so two of the country’s larger chains are thinking about taking on some roommates to help pay the bills. 7 more words


Build your own 433 MHz receiving device for home automation(Part 1, Hardware)

Since about 2 years back we have had a Telldus home automation system installed. This uses radio frequency signals to control wall plugs and get information as humidity and temperature from sensors. 678 more words


Ketika Kita Membiarkan Charger Tercolok di Stop Kontak...

Jujur siapa sih di antara kita yang sering membiarkan charger adaptor tercolok ke stop kontak? Jujur, gue juga salah satunya. 586 more words