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Harry Potter Remote Control Wand for TV

As a proper wizard, you must learn how to control a television by the swish and flick method. That’ll show the muggles and their remote controls. 6 more words


Samsung Redefines TV Picture & Design With the Launch of QLED TV in India

Introduces world’s first TVs with 100% Colour Volume, HDR 2000 nits of brightness, One Remote Control and an innovative design solution called Invisible connection 

Bangalore, India – May 24, 2017 – … 844 more words


Protect Cargo with Integrated Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester

Water is the need for life on this planet. Aside from simply drinking, washing and showering, water has various uses in the mechanical segment. A large number of edibles and refreshments are made with it and after that a great many different items, for example, chemicals are delivered utilizing water. 288 more words

Batman Batarang Fidget Spinner

Protect Gotham with the famed Batarang. Or maybe just have fun spinning it on your finger.

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Give your iPhone(or any smartphone) a boost!

An iPhone can be any powerful man’s gadget. Posing 1960s style James Bond tech and a huge price tag, it is bound to end up on your favorite celebrity’s lap. 379 more words


Cable TV Deals – New York

When it comes to showbiz, entertainment and basic information about TV, New Yorkers lead the way. Not only is this metropolitan state advanced in terms of entertainment but also the richness in producing some of the most remarkable personalities in the Filmmaking business. 689 more words


Top 5 Best Fidget Cubes and Dice

Fidget spinners are massively popular in schools and workplaces. This has led them to be labeled as a distraction, which is ironic considering they are typically used to promote focus. 732 more words