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Gadwall [Anas Strepera] ~ 2017 #28

The Gadwall seems non-descript at first glance, however when you take a second look you can see the beauty in it’s colouring and patterns. The picture above is of a Gadwall just enjoying a float at one of the ponds at Reifel. 82 more words

British Columbia

Missed opportunities

A few recent days out have again shown how foolish it is to ever say “I won’t bother with my camera”. It’s brilliant to be in the moment, but you can miss great opportunities that may not reappear. 421 more words


More Scilly Birds

It was a glorious day on Scilly yesterday – I walked over 12 miles and my shorts and flip flops had their first outing of the year too. 65 more words


Oliver's Birding Blog | Crabtree Nature Center and Baker's Lake - 3/19/2017

Today we met up with Isoo¬†O’Brian and his father at Crabtree Nature Center to look for the continuing Harris’s Sparrow. We met at 8 AM but the nature center did not open until 9 AM so we walked to Crabtree Lake where we found Bufflehead, Hooded & Common Mergansers, Green-winged Teal, and some Ring-necked Ducks ( if AOS proposal 2017-A-6 gets passed then the name would be Ring-billed Duck). 227 more words

Oliver's Birding Blog | Crabtree NC - 3/11/2017

After a fairly short Whimbrel Birders Club walk, I decided that we should check Crabtree NC on the way home. We walked up to the nature center to look for the Harris’s Sparrow that was seen there last week. 87 more words

A Quiet Day Holds a Few Quiet Surprises

Although I love being active, a part of me also yearns for and requires solitude on a regular basis, say one or two days a week. 762 more words

More Pictures from Dearne Valley

I couldn’t get all the pictures into one post, so here are some more from our day at Dearne Valley.

The first selection is gulls. Black Headed, Lesser Black Backed and Common Gulls. 144 more words