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Three realities explored in comedy-drama film 'Zoom'

From the crazy mind of Pedro Morelli, written for the screen by Matt Hansen, and produced by Niv Fichman, these three creative geniuses collaborated to create the distinct universes of… 719 more words


Latino flavour for new film festival

Great news for film lovers and those learning Spanish (and Portuguese) who will happen to be in major Australian cities in August.

Palace Cinemas has programmed a new film festival, the Cine Latino Film Festival, which will feature more than 30 films from 11 countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.. 208 more words


I go with the flow..

‘I go with the flow. Whatever music you’ play for me I’ll dance’ is a quote from Mexican film producer Gael García Bernal. He is said to have started acting at the tender age of one year and by his teens he was acting in telenovelas. 79 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

Review: Bad Education

Bad Education (or La Mala Educación) is Almodovar’s masterpiece. It is also one of his most personal films, because elements within the film are autobiographical in nature. 342 more words

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366 Movies/366 Days Challenge - #77 Rosewater

“Call her. Tell her to stop talking shit. You have to dial 9 to get out.”


This year, I’m taking up the Doug Loves Movies…

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366 Movies/366 Days Challenge

Rosewater (USA, 2014)

Directed by: Jon Stewart. Possibly the only reason I saw this is because it was directed by Jon Stewart, and yet, now that I’ve seen it, and I didn’t like it all that much, I realize that I actually don’t like Jon Stewart all that much. 437 more words

Casa De Mi Padre Review

Get ready folks, because Onza will tell you what you can expect…

A couple of posts ago, I wrote a review on Babel, which I consider a good movie, but now I’ll review the exact opposite. 410 more words