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26 Foreign Films - Week 4

Film: Deficit (2007)

Country of Origin: Mexico

I’ll be honest. I was quite keen to watch Downfall, but it wasn’t on Netflix. I found an sub-par copy on YouTube, but it was quite difficult to immerse myself within the first twenty minutes. 531 more words

Blu-ray Review – The Burning (2015)

Genre: Western
Certificate: 15
UK Release Date: 10th August 2015
Runtime: 101 minutes
Director: Pablo Fendrik
Writer: Pablo Fendrik
Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal, Alice Braga, Claudio Tolcachir, Chico Diaz … 563 more words

Certificate: 15

No! Film Review

Being a Politics Student, I’m aware that politicians rarely give straight answers. Don’t you all wish they could just be more direct and full of clarity? 277 more words

Film Review

The Burning- Review (Spoiler Free)

This western doesn’t pack enough punch for it to deliver any real and lasting impact…

The Burning has a perfectly competent set up in which a mysterious man (Gael Garcia Bernal) emerges from deep within the Argentine rainforest in order to seek revenge for and with a wronged young woman (Alice Braga). 361 more words


The Burning review

Blu ray review of The Burning over at Flickering Myth now…
Part eco-thriller, part revenge western, The Burning is a Spanish-language Argentinian production bristling with both ambition and unflinching worthiness. 22 more words

Film Reviews

Rosewater and Julep, Movies and Reality, USA and Aryan Iran...

Imagine a place out on the steppes of Asia, the stepping stones to Europe, maybe the Caucasus, or somewhere farther east, out on the outskirts of the civvies and the cities, say maybe 5-6000 years ago, with the climes warming up and paths leading north, where a group of people probably only a few thousand strong, not so urban, but not so stupid, playing around with wheels and ales and axles and weapons, found a will and a way in this world, spreading outward until they gradually lost contact with each other and their languages became harder to understand, eventually to become the Celts of Europe and the Persians of Asia and the Greeks of the Mediterranean, and the Hittites who never really left, now North Europeans, South Europeans, Indians, Iranians, and… Armenians, who never really left… … 671 more words

Gael García Bernal sorprende al público al conducir la Orquesta Filarmónica de Los Ángeles [VIDEO]

Gael García Bernal dio una enorme sorpresa la noche del 30 de julio al subir al escenario del Hollywood Bowl, durante un concierto de música clásica, con la finalidad de filmar una escena de  282 more words