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4 Obvious Signs That You Need to Replace Your Siding

Siding is not something that you typically think about on a daily basis (or, we hope it’s not) but it is very important in terms of your home’s foundation and look, and it determines things such as your heating and cooling bills. 539 more words

Privatized Rivers of Armenia

by Sofia

There are around 173 small hydropower plants (SHPP) in Armenia, of which around 114 are on natural streams. The license for these SHPPs is given for about 15 years. 1,910 more words

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Nations Roof Helps Put Military Veterans to Work

Nations Roof supports our Military Veterans by working with GAF, the National Institute of Training & Education (NITE) and US Military Pipeline (USMP).

Jennifer Stone, President of Nations Roof NW, recently hired two participants from the Hire a Hero GAF Roofing Academy program. 27 more words

Simple GAF Application- Part 6

The post describes how to add and work with multiple substeps in a main step. This is an extension to the post Adding Sub Step in a Main Step – GAF Application… 385 more words


Simple GAF Application- Part 5

The post describes how to add a substep in the main step of GAF application and navigating from main step to sub step and back to main step from substep. 667 more words


Simple GAF Application- Part 4

The post describes how to create a document object and using it as an explanation text for the GAF step. The previous post Simple GAF Application- Part 1… 128 more words


Simple GAF Application- Part 3

It is quite possible that before you call the GAF steps, an initial screen can be called and then the GAF steps and finally the confirmation screen. 205 more words