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The Farce of the DNC Convention

July 2016

Here is a closer (and I think very well done) look at at exactly what happened at the DNC Convention in Philly 2016; just so we know.   62 more words


Joking O_o

Well so much for me rewriting that post.. No clue when I’ll be posting again. Hopefully this week some time.

ThatKnockOutChick :)

the catch---a new abc series

so abc has a new tv show, the catch. i was intrigued by the promo commercial. i must admit that i was a bit hesitant to consider watching it because i feel ALL KINDS of betrayed by some abc shows. 408 more words


Observing an emotional rollercoaster.

Oh god.  Last night I worked myself up into such a self-involved rejected-feeling frenzy.  My girlfriend who’s letting me stay in her house and a guy I’ve been dating were ignoring my attempts at contacting them.  178 more words

Don't Mind Me. . .

. . .I’m just working through my Civil War feelings (not feels).

Also, before somebody asks…no, this is not supposed to contain some hidden reference or spoiler or plot giveaway of any kind; I am not implying Steve dies, etc. 77 more words

Problem #32: Holidays With The Family

Holidays are such a lovely part of the year. Am I right? The extended family gets together for an evening of awkward greetings, catching up, and dinner. 401 more words