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Antique Shop Horrors: 11 Nov 2015

The shop we browsed last weekend was full of horrors, including this doll:

Just… no. Nope!

Care for another angle?

She wants to feed.


Antique Shop Horrors: 08 Nov 2015

Saw these pigs at the antique shop today.

The question is, are they pleased — or horrified?

So many.


Reflection part 2

With maybe a little of the sad Mulan song.

I think everything that went wrong can be boiled down to two things. My insecurity, and my immaturity. 585 more words


Word Choice

“Where’s PP?”

“Not here.”

“Aw, did he leave you?”

“… yes.”

Seriously unfortunate choice of words.

So unfortunate I almost laughed.

I don’t blame you taido. 548 more words



You know, I findĀ it difficult to talk to people about it still. Like I’ll start crying right away. Perhaps I haven’t actually dealt with my feelings yet. 398 more words


a follow up and some castle twists

soooo…in my last post i said something like “we know what comes after that…” well, i didn’t mean that, i meant we know now that they officially started dating, got engaged, got married, and were being all sweet, goofy, and adorable till life rained down a world of hurt! 672 more words

Castle Tv Show