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It's only Wednesday...

…but I’m tired of this week already.

Our second semester officially started this Monday and maaaaan so boring. The lecturers haven’t finished paper-marking yet so we’ve got like one to two one-hour lectures per day. 524 more words



I know you. I know you so well that now I’m wondering

Who you really are.

Is this just an act? Are you manipulating me? 211 more words


Why is it that you and your kids do not have to poop in the middle of the night EVER until you are visiting someone out of town and get put up in the camper in their driveway with strict instructions NOT to poop in the camper toilet?!?!??! 9 more words

Gah! There's Always Something!

We ve had a rough week. This morning we talked and things seemed a little better. We had a romantic dinner planed. Then a friend called my vet with bad news. 54 more words


Something doesnt make complete sense. You looked directly at me. I know it was long ago and we were smoking but you stared directly at me and even if you were thinking… 955 more words


Paralyzed by the Same Old Antics.

So! Remember store boy? Yeah well he and I dated. For about 5 days. I was super you know, open minded, but as soon as I agreed to be his girlfriend, it suddenly got very hard for me. 288 more words