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Is it normal?

So I am getting married in 31 days. The fact that I’m marrying the love of my life does not scare me. I was ready to marrry him the day we moved in. 204 more words


mortification is...

sitting in a brighton café with your mum, comfortable in the knowledge that no one understands your language and discussing everything under the sun, only to be told half an hour later by the nondescript man at the next table that his mother was born in the country you’re from and that, while he has no working knowledge of the language, he’s quite good at understanding it –not so much your mum’s variety (dialect, since it’s you she was addressing) but definitely yours (semi standard, since you understand dialect but never really speak it). 45 more words


Gah. How Do I Break The Fear Of Speaking?

I m an adult. I can reason and logic like an adult. When my boss gives me more work than I can handle in a time scale, than I can reason my response should be to manage their expectations by saying “Hey you ve just given me x to do. 74 more words

Gah. How Do I Break The Fear Of Speaking?

So recently my dad and I had a discussion about what introversion really means and I thought it was an interesting topic. I told him that my (soon to be ex-) therapist said that I seemed to have a version of social phobia because I avoid difficult situations (like negative confrontation) and I m a little shy when I meet new people. 34 more words

The Blacker the Berry

1. I feel so scared of socialising lately its ridiculous. Its even worse than usual. This is especially problematic because…

2. I really want to fuck someone. 285 more words

//That moment when you think you’ve been following someone forever and apparently you haven’t. 

Wtf tumblr.

fuck you for doing the things you’ve done to me and fuck me for allowing you to do so