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Interlude: Guuuhhhh

Wound up busy again today. Not that I didn’t get time to write anything – I did get time to write a bit – just nothing I can put up on the blog right now. 427 more words

Office Posts, Random

Name that neurosis!

My therapist has mentioned more than once that I have a “strong visual imagination.” (When he says “strong,” he means he’s quietly keeping one finger pretty near the button that makes the net come down on my side of the room, just in case.) Specifically, everything I see reminds me of something else, until the entire universe is so crammed with layers and echoes and memories that it’s a frickin’ miracle I can make it to the other side of the kitchen without emitting¬†a memoir. 212 more words


i’ve developed this new habit
Where i learn a new word everyday

Maybe because i was starting to feel dumber by the minute

Maybe because i wasn’t reading anything meaningful… 172 more words

Quiiiiick Thoughts

I am on my period. Again. It just can’t happen once. The afternoon I couldn’t breathe and had to take quick shallow-breaths because a normal breath killed my insides. 337 more words


Regaining Consciousness

Dear me,

I need to get my life in order. I need to sit down and breathe. Deep breaths. I have everything I need to succeed. 118 more words


The Farce of the DNC Convention

July 2016

Here is a closer (and I think very well done) look at at exactly what happened at the DNC Convention in Philly 2016; just so we know.   62 more words