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Something doesnt make complete sense. You looked directly at me. I know it was long ago and we were smoking but you stared directly at me and even if you were thinking… 955 more words


Paralyzed by the Same Old Antics.

So! Remember store boy? Yeah well he and I dated. For about 5 days. I was super you know, open minded, but as soon as I agreed to be his girlfriend, it suddenly got very hard for me. 288 more words

Updated my About Page

Check my About Page out, I edited it :)

And here’s a video of me trying to sing:


No Air

It’s absolutely sweltering, these days. Hot as all get out.

Our air-conditioning is broken upstairs, so my father’s implemented this complicated fanning system that’s supposed to vacuum/funnel the cool air from downstairs into the Hell that’s currently upstairs. 139 more words

Story Of My Life

mortification is...

sitting in a brighton café with your mum, comfortable in the knowledge that no one understands your language and discussing everything under the sun, only to be told half an hour later by the nondescript man at the next table that his mother was born in the country you’re from and that, while he has no working knowledge of the language, he’s quite good at understanding it –not so much your mum’s variety (dialect, since it’s you she was addressing) but definitely yours (semi standard, since you understand dialect but never really speak it). 45 more words


Gah. How Do I Break The Fear Of Speaking?

I m an adult. I can reason and logic like an adult. When my boss gives me more work than I can handle in a time scale, than I can reason my response should be to manage their expectations by saying “Hey you ve just given me x to do. 74 more words