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So, dear readers, I’ve got news for you. I’ve decided to move abroad for my Masters.

I’m almost 75% through the entire process and I still couldn’t get myself to start packing yet because I feel like I’m still in denial. 75 more words

Slice Of Life

The Neverending Donut

My dad loves to cook, but he doesn’t know how.
He often fries up the wrong parts of the cow.

I’m back to work on… 328 more words


To My Future Beloved

My dear NF,

This is why I love you…and by “you,” I mean you, dear.

Let’s see…where should I start?

The way you imagine life can be often leaves me wanting more of those starry eyes and percolating temples of yours. 696 more words

Nf Dreamland

It’s all in the context

When I hear Suzy utter a “Gah!” and we’re on the streets, I look for an exceptional interaction or individual somewhere in the crowds. When she gives that same “Gah!” at home, I reach for a newspaper or magazine to usher whatever bug, beetle, or critter outside that’s somehow made its way inside. 121 more words



Nell walked in on Cassandra doing something embarassing…

Cloud Closed until further Notice as Esme has the Flu

Freaky service will be resumed as soon as feasible.

waves weakly (hopefully not monthly or yearly)

Words And Curious Creations From The Troposphere.

About to fall <3

It’s funny how sometimes,

the smallest things can make us grin.

Without even realizing it,

They’ve made our world spin.

And I don’t think I mind, 21 more words