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G is for Green

For my 7th post for the  Blogging A to Z Challenge, I decided to do another photo essay. This time, focusing on the colour green. 433 more words


Alwyni International Capital

Our potential business partners paid us a visit today at Treedom Thailand. We hope Alwyni International Capital will sell our Forward Purchase Agreement (FPA) and Oud Asset Agreement (OAA) investment plans on behalf of Treedom in Indonesia. 16 more words


What could be more important than equipping your children with the very best prospects for life?


Parents and Kids Expo 2014 

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 (Bernama-BUSINESS WIRE)– Treedom – a luxury aromatic Oud oil manufacturer and supplier to the global fragrance and perfume markets in South East Asia – will be attending the Parents and Kids Expo in Kuala Lumpur for a period of three days from the 29th – 31st of August 2014 at booth B090, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and will be showcasing their fantastic new  213 more words


Why Treedom?

Track Record – A perfect 100% track record of successful returns to over 2,000 clients

Over 8 Years of Experience – Our savingplans are evidence-based, with more than 8 years of experience and a history for high quality oud oil production and sales. 84 more words


Minyak Kutus Kutus

jualminyakkutuskutus.wordpress.com Minyak Kutus Kutus adalah minyak obat herbal yang terbuat dari 100% bahan herbal. Minyak ini terbuat dari campuran 49 bahan obat tradisional yang diolah dengan teknologi modern, yang menjadikan minyak kutus kutus ini multikhasiat. 102 more words

Having your cake and eating it too…then still having your cake but with a lot of extra cake added in.

The first part of that proverb is one that everyone knows, pretty much. It’s about consumption. Once eaten, the cake is gone. This analogy is often used to describe heavy spenders. 431 more words


The greatest investment ever!

I am not saying that Agarwood is the greatest investment ever (well, yes I am), and that anyone can succeed in investing in forestry. But, my belief in Agarwood as an investment, mixed with my desire to educate people about the benefits of investing in Forestry and especially Agarwood, has led me to create this Treedomblog. 708 more words