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From New Scientist: "My verdict on Gaia hypothesis: beautiful but flawed"

New Scientist

26 January 2015
Toby Tyrrell

We now have the evidence to pass judgement on James Lovelock‚Äôs wildly popular notion that life engineers hospitable worlds, says oceanographer Toby Tyrrell… 1,284 more words

Applied Research & Technology

Recent directions in the science of Gaia

In June of 1988 I attended the first Chapman Conference on the Gaia Hypothesis held in San Diego, CA. There I was introduced to James Lovelock and a host of other influential scientists studying Gaia, including Lynn Margulis, Stephen Schneider, Tyler Volk, and Lee Kump. 1,226 more words

Gaia Theory

Gaia and Climate Change

Today an article I wrote on Gaia and climate change was published in The Ecologist [link here]. The article summarizes my thoughts and concerns around the science of climate change. 10 more words

Climate Change