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Big Blue Marble

When reading Lovelock, I can’t help but think of that show I watched as a child, Big Blue Marble.  Wait: was it an entire television series?  1,175 more words


Fascinating insight into the workings of planned obsolescence within Design. Style is something that will always dictate the lifetime of a design, which in turn encourages consumption. 819 more words


Mother Earth

My heart sorrows for the loss of biodiversity that we are witnessing.  The pace of that loss is accelerating aw we continue to over-fish, over-mine and over-burn fossil fuels.    99 more words

As The World Turns

What Lies Beneath: Of Mushrooms, Mycelia and Interconnection

On these warm, humid days of late summer, I have been walking the woods looking for mushrooms. There are so many to be found, and of such a marvelous variety! 985 more words


Gaia University Webinar on Climate Change

On May 16 I’ll be giving a free online seminar titled “Gaia and Climate Change” via Gaia Radio (sponsored by Gaia University). Please visit the following site to register for the seminar: 11 more words

Climate Change

Eath Day musings

The web of life. All things are interconnected. All life is one.

Scientific theory and spiritual ideals say the same. The Earth is alive. Call her Gaia, Jörd, Danu, Terra, Mother Nature, or any other name…She is alive. 100 more words