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Beatriz at Dinner review – Salma Hayek takes on white privilege in savage drama | Film | The Guardian

A standout turn from the often under-utilized actor is one of the many joys of this carefully choreographed dinner party satire that acts as a cutting allegory of Trump’s America…

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Ancient Thought in Modern Dress: "How Trees Talk to Each Other"

THE “Recapitulation” is a portion of the “Summing Up” section in The Secret Doctrine, published in pages 272-278 of the first volume of the work. 370 more words

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Mamma Earth and Our Connection

Last week I wrote on FB about feeling the storm building and what came out was…

…Mama Earth is in the middle of transforming herself, perhaps as some say she is even birthing a new way of being. 143 more words


Let this be a warning, a message from the mother Goddess to all mankind

Frail Mortal Humanity!

You better stop your damn bickering right now, or you wont like what happens next!

And I don’t care who started it, cause you’d best believe if I have to come down there and break it up for you, so help me it won’t be pretty. 188 more words

Just For Fun


A beautiful celebration of one of the most basic elements of our existence


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Lucidity: Empowerment

The coolness stirred my consciousness. I became aware of the soft top soil pressing against the outer side of my thighs; my sight confirming this thought as I looked in front of me. 234 more words