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Love Crazy (1941)

Where have you been all my life? I love this film! William Powell is a genius. His many faces. They’re geniuses, too. Myrna Loy – she’s a genius. 226 more words


Stage Door (1937)

Everyone has their ups and downs. Katharine Hepburn had plenty of both. In Stage Door she plays an aspiring actress who’s stubborn, forthright, opinionated and can’t act… and she’s absolutely brilliant. 523 more words


My Man Godfrey

During an upper class social event, a scavenger hunt breaks out, with one of the required items being a forgotten man, meaning a man forgotten by society, such as the homeless men living down by the river, in a dump area slowly being filled in for renovation. 533 more words


Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Gail Patrick, actress (1911-1980)

Lillian Hellman, playwright, screenwriter (1905-1984)
Errol Flynn, actor (1909-1959)
Audie Murphy, soldier & actor (1925-1971)
Martin Landau, actor (1928- )
Wendy Craig, actress (1934- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Gail Patrick Jackson, High Priestess

In honor of what would have been Gail Patrick’s 104th birthday, I want to talk a little bit about why she’s long been one of my personal heroes. 443 more words

Calendar Girl (1947)

In no way is Allan Dwan’s Calendar Girl a musical classic. This 1947 picture was reissued as Star Dust and Sweet Music and remains kind of a curiosity suitable only for Dwan fans and musical fanatics. 667 more words


'Godfrey' Screenplay Skewers the One Percent

Sometimes Hollywood is a bit much, really.

Filmmakers know that we, the masses, enjoy send-ups of rich people. We love it when we can feel intellectually superior to the dim-witted characters on the screen. 630 more words