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What's I&N Store (8/24)

The trend continues this week: DC is reborn–with a vengeance!

  • Dept. H #5 (Dark Horse): I&N Demand Re: #4: The Kindts guided us deeper and deeper still into the sea and into Mia’s psyche. 
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Matt Kindt

Red Sonja Gets a Video Games Courtesy of F84 Games and Dynamite

F84 Games, Dynamite Entertainment, and Red Sonja, LLC have announced a new partnership that will see Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, brought to life as a playable character in a dedicated, action-packed, and narrative-driven game. 90 more words



The Killing Joke (15)


The Joker kidnaps and tortures Barbara Gordon in order to psychologically destroy Commissioner Gordon and send him insane to prove that all it takes for a good man to become evil is “one bad day”. 901 more words

Movie Review

Red Sonja Comes to Animated Comics

From Gail Simone and Walter Geovani, Red Sonja: Queen Of The Plagues gives the iconic fantasy heroine a fresh new attitude! And now, you can see it all brought to life in this animated comic, starring… 201 more words


Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #600

Our effervescent expedition through the ancient Amazon archives continues apace as we descend yet another level into what is a seemingly infinite array of chambers and corridors, with each and every recess literally crammed with untold millennia of encyclopedic knowledge pertaining to the deific Amazon race. 414 more words


Classic Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman (Vol 3) #41

Pushing ever deeper into the cavernous chambers of the ancient Amazon archives we happen across an expertly crafted statue of Queen Hippolyta, the intricate design is so meticulous that it could only have been created by the… 380 more words