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Action 835 - Livewire debuts

Livewire was a villain introduced in the animated Superman series, and brought into the books in Action 835 (March 2006), by Simone, Byrne and DeCastro. 109 more words

Action Comics

Action 834 - the Fables of Krypton

Simone, Byrne, DeCastro, Campos and Albert conclude the Queen of Fables story in Action 834 (Feb. 06).

Clark is concerned when there is no sign of Lois, and goes to check to see if Perry knows her whereabouts, but finds the editor under the spell of the Queen of Fables. 112 more words

Action Comics

Action 833 - The Queen of Fables comes for Superman

Simone, Byrne and DeCastro are joined by Stucker and Rapmund as the Queen of Fables returns, after her adventure against the JLA a few years earlier. 107 more words

Action Comics

Action 830 - Dr. Psycho comes to Metropolis

Simone, Byrne and DeCastro are joined by Lary Stucker in Action 830 (Oct. 05), a Villains United tie-in.

Dr. Psycho comes to Metropolis on a mission for the Secret Society of Super-Viillains, to check on Superman’s state after being mentally controlled. 82 more words

Action Comics

Action 828 - Dr Polaris gets recruited

Simone, Byrne and DeCastro conclude the Dr. Polaris story in Action 828 (Aug. 05).

Superman is having little success convincing Dr. Polaris that he himself is Repulse, and he is simply attacking himself.  178 more words

Action Comics

Action 827 - Repulse debuts, or does she?

Gail Simone, John Byrne and Nelson DeCastro take over as the creative team with Action 827 (July 2005).

Aura, from the short-lived team Superboy and the Ravers, makes a brief appearance, an early victim of Repulse, who forces Aura to use her own powers to pull a helicopter down onto her. 69 more words

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Red Sonja #1973 Celebrates Her History

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a special Red Sonja #1973 one-shot for release in July, celebrating the sword-wielding heroine’s many years of adventuring. Since her fearless debut in 1973, the “She-Devil with a Sword” has redefined the fantasy genre thanks to the efforts of acclaimed writers including  478 more words