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Deadpool 2 and the women we f***ing sacrifice in fridges

The new Deadpool 2 is fun, funny, irreverent and crazy, as promised. Wade makes a lot of pansexual comments and the movie even has a cute LGBT couple now.  746 more words


Following Your Passion: Making Fun & Comics

She Makes Comics

Directed By: Marisa Stotter

Grade: A

This has been on my Wishlist for a while and then I found it on Netflix the other night and immediately hit play. 636 more words


I have things to say about movies

This isn’t a proper blog post because I don’t have enough to say to write a proper blog post and, in spite of what my friends might tell you, I’ve never quite mastered the skill of talking for ages when I don’t actually have anything to say. 358 more words


#47: Domino Issue #1

Wade’s World Podcast Episode #47!


In this week’s episode, our (anti)heroes Lilith Hellfire and I are joined by special guest Charlie Esser to discuss the newly released Domino Issue #1 by writer Gail Simone.  135 more words


How Batgirl Saved Me

Babs did me a 24K solid during my TBI recovery

Okay, she didn’t really save my life.

But, she did something else that’s valuable: her character boosted my confidence at a time when I had ambitious goals to achieve but little strength and guidance with which to do so. 763 more words


Luck Be A Lady: Looking Into The Probability Manipulation Of Domino

As superhero films have grown in popularity, they’ve created an opportunity for obscure characters to be introduced to a wider audience. For example, Deadpool 2… 444 more words


Domino #1 Review

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: David Baldeón, Jesus Aburtov, Clayton Cowles
Published by: Marvel Comics

What it’s about…

Impossible curves. Impossible shots. Impossible targets. 95 more words