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Let's begin our journey into the world of Natural Cures and Nutrition - Shall we start with this fruit : Annona Squamosa ?

Don’t look blurred as to what fruit am I referring to. That is the Botanical name for Custard Apple also known as Sugar Apple. Since we are discussing Siddha here (Tamil Medicine System), it is appropriate to mention the Tamil name of it, that is Seetha Palam. 342 more words

Natural Cure

Activate your upper glutes-Aktivera dina övre rumpmuskler


Here are 4 gluteus medius exercises you can do to focus more on your upper part/hips of your butt.

A strong gluteus medius will help you to stabilize your pelvic and this will prevent knee and back problems. 92 more words


Lifting belt-Yes or No?

A lifting belt,is it good or bad?

Some people don’t use it and  some will.
There are a few benefit from using one in your exercises as squat,deadlift,stiff dealift,bent over row,military press etc… 209 more words

Tips & Advice


Wednesday was a bad day for me for many reasons. I really wasn’t able to eat much and so when I tried to go to the gym, I just could do anything. 357 more words


DAY 6 GOMAD -Nothin' Special 'bout Tuesdays

Pretty ehh day, but I killed it on my calorie counter! I hit 3,210 calories on the day and that doesn’t even include the lasagna & fish I had for dinner. 285 more words


Squat safe at home-Knäböj säkert hemma


To squat safe, we often have a spotter or use the squat safety rack at the gym.
But what can you do at home if you have a squat rack but not a spotter or a squat safe rack? 268 more words


DAY 5 GOMAD - Back at 'em, coach!

Sooo… there was no Friday post – why? Well, I got lazy. I skipped on the milk and diet for Friday due to time constraints, and I wouldn’t even have time for a workout either. 437 more words