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Diet Plan to Gain Weight

Putting on weight is as difficult as losing weight. Here is a diet plan for those wanting to gain weight in a healthy way.

BREAKFAST… 171 more words

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Hip thrust-pyramids for bootybuilding

Pyramid sets for the booty yesterday with …
Hip thrust:

1 set 60 kg 22 reps
1 set 70 kg 15 reps
1set 80 kg 12 reps… 191 more words


Exercises for my legs(Thighs) yesterday was/Övningar för mina ben(Framsida lår) igår var:

* Squat/Knäböj 4 set
* Legpress/Benpress 4 set
* Legextension/Benspark 3 set
* Hipthrust/Höftlyft(ryggen mot en bänk) 2 set… 22 more words


How Many Calories Should I Eat?

If you find yourself asking the question, “How many calories should I eat?”, then you are not alone. There are many people asking that same question. 234 more words

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Calves-stick to thick

I get many questions about my calves “Is it genetics?” “How do you train your calves?”
“How big is your calves?” etc etc

You who have been following me for a long time know that I was not born with big calves… 485 more words


Mini band squat-Mini band Knäböj


If you want to feel your gluteus medius work better during squats,then you can try a mini band around your knees while squatting.

You will simply push your knees out against the mini band and therefore more glute activation will occur. 108 more words