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Hams/glute kick backs

I am new to this type of exercise for my hamstrings especially even if it can work your glutes as well.

But I did this in 2 sets on my hamstrings day with focus on hamstrings rather than glutes. 58 more words


Light weights=more muscles

Hi Gorgeous readers!

Let me remind you of….

It is not about HOW MUCH WEIGHTS you use when you lift weights to build muscles.
it is all about HOW to lift to give the working muscle as much resistance as possible. 563 more words


Transformation Tuesday: No Quirky phrase Needed

2012 vs. 2016. I can’t believe the before picture was 2012 in April. I am almost coming up on four years when I realized I was unhealthy. 100 more words


Tips for healthy weight gain

బరువు పెరగాలంటే..

బరువు తగ్గడం ఎంత కష్టమో పెరగడమూ అంతే కష్టం. ఏంటీ?? బరువు పెరగడమా?? ఎవరైనా తగ్గాలని కోరుకుంటారు గానీ.. పెరగాలనుకుంటారా?? అని ఆశ్చర్యపోతున్నారా??readmore

Work & Life

5 apps that help you to gain weight

More and more people complain that they can’t gain weight these days. So I am making this list to help them!

  1. Where’s my car?App will never let you walk to the closest shop or to work.
  2. 195 more words
No Cure For Stupidity

Calculate how many calories you need

You can do a calculation on this site (I will link it down below) to find out how much calories you need to lose fat,maintain your body weight or gain weight. 45 more words