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Ride the horse girls & get a bigger butt!

Try this exercise if you want to gain a bigger butt

* Your arms must be straight all the time

* Push yourself only with your legs and not use your arms! 50 more words


How I gained 6lbs in 5 days!


Everybody is trying to lose weight. They’ve got every solution possible to help you lose the fat around your belly, or jiggle out your arms. 777 more words

Add Mass

Jealousy isn't Pretty

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?


This one’s easy. About the only thing that causes envy to rise in my heart is when I’m with friends who are a size 2, and can shop in the junior department and wear wonderful, fun clothing that would just look silly on me. 183 more words

Daily Prompt

Thin Mind, Slim Body

This is about an article I read in a magazine and thought I should share with real women!

How many times you tried to lose some weight, even if only two or three kilos, and could not. 190 more words

Gain Weight

Why healthy isn't enough and a diet doens't work (part two)

What’s wrong with a diet?

A diet contains guidelines and rules about what you can and cannot eat or drink. It promises a lot of weight loss and in the fastest way possible. 570 more words


2 Rear delts exercises-video

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How to gain weight fast in a healthy way?

Hi everyone,

If you feel you are too skinny, I wanted to highlight that Dr Delabos insists on the fact that the Chrono Diet is not ONLY about loosing weight… 206 more words