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If you work out, screw the scale!

As many fellow women will know, there’s no better way to drive ourselves crazy than to step on the scale several times a day and obsess over our weight and any little changes we may notice. 656 more words



While many people today are
troubled by obesity, on the other hand, many people are also battling with the problem of slimness or weight loss. Too much or less of weight leads to many health related problems. 1,150 more words

Design your own bum

Hi guys I’m back and this time I wanted to help you girls/women out that seem to be confused and want clarity on why your bum just isn’t how you would like it. 926 more words


Gain muscle + lose fat!

How to gain muscle lose fat?

Girls often ask how to get a big bum without a big stomach and guys want that man chest and biceps without getting ‘too big’ 1,573 more words


Embarrassed of Your Skinny Physique? Here is How You Can Gain Weight Naturally

In this day n age, people want to look good not just by wearing branded clothes or accessories but they also concern about their physique. Fat people always seek different methods to lose weight. 691 more words

Gain Weight

Post Workout Meal

What do I eat?

3 scoops of protein (whatever brand you want)

2 packs of Mr Noodles 

Nutritional Breakdown

Extreme estimate on the protein.

3 scoops of whey protein… 261 more words