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Quick glute workout!

Here comes a quick booty workout for those who does not have much time !

You will do all exercises in a row without a rest in between. 95 more words


MASSIVE hamstrings exercises

If you want to build MASSIVE hamstrings (backside of your legs) then you should go for RDL (Romanian deadlift) and do a combo with barbell and dumbbells.4 sets with barbell and 4 sets with dumbbells. 21 more words


How To Gain Weight Fast

Regardless of the amount you eat, your body appears to consume it without including a solitary pound. You’re terrified to practice since you’ll lose what little weight you have. 260 more words


Gained 2 kg

I have gained 2 kg since I got sick in the flu.
Sounds weird to gain weight if you get sick instead of losing weight right? 178 more words


Challenge accepted

Vážně jsem přijala svou vlastní výzvu: “Přibrat na váze pro plavkovou sezónu & Uzdravit své tělo a mysl!”

Má poslední nemoc mě vedla k uvědomění si možných rizik spojených s mou současnou tělesnou konstitucí a slíbila jsem sama sobě, že to změním! 340 more words


Why 'Stronglifts 5x5' is the best gym routine

In November 2016 I decided to join my local gym. This was a big decision for me, because, not only was I only 17 years old and pretty skint, but I was also pretty skinny. 544 more words

How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

How to Gain Weight For Skinny People

Gaining weight can be difficult, more than losing it, may some would related to genetics, but be sure it’s totally wrong , so today I ll share with some of food systems and tips to gain weight as fast as you can , And i want you to Never trust the myth it’s in your genetics cause any one can lose and gain weight . 331 more words