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Aspartame Makes You Gain Weight

You want to lose weight, so you start trying to cut calories. The most obvious starting place seems to be switching from high-calorie foods with sugar to foods with zero calorie sweeteners, like… 678 more words

Health Dangers

Macros: A Practical Guide to Better Nutrition

Last week, we discussed the fundamental principle of weight management, calories in verses calories out (details here). We stated that in order to take charge of our weight we must first understand our total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). 906 more words


Consequences of Skipping Breakfast

Some of us have a tendency to skip breakfast. Others do it because they are in an attempt to cut down the net calorie intake, too busy during the morning rush or just don’t have an appetite. 777 more words


The Fundamental Principle of Weight Management

Calories In Versus Calories Out

Most of us have probably heard the phrase “calories in versus calories out” when it comes to weight management. We’ve been told that if we want to gain weight we need to consume more than we burn and if we want to lose weight we need to burn more than we consume. 638 more words


Good quad builder



Good quad (front thighs) would be barbell front squat,it gives you a more upright angle compare to the regular back squat,which will activate your quads in a higher degree. 21 more words

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What to eat-list of food

Q: Hi Lo. Looking good. Could you write about food. When and what to eat? When to take supplements? Thanks


Protein sources (Eat your protein to each meal,and can be consume anytime during the day) 334 more words


Great exercise for quad sweep-Bra övning för lårsvep

If you want that curvy thighs from the front,the so called “quad sweep), then single leg side leg press will help you with that pretty good. 77 more words