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7 Reasons Make You Get Fat Fast at the End of the Year

1.Heavy working pressure
In the end of year and the beginning of the year, all works concentrate. Thus, negative emotions caused by working pressure will become very obvious in this period. 544 more words

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Do weights make you big?

Hi everyone!

How are you all? I’m a bit sleepy. Home after my volunteer job in the charity shop I do every Saturday and I am always wrecked after it even though we aren’t that busy and everything but while I was there, I was chatting to a friend. 530 more words

An Open Letter to the Ectomorph Me

Howdy Ectomorph Me,

How are you? Well, it isn’t a question really because I know what you are feeling.

You got envy by other’s physicality. Most of the time, people think you are anorexic. 142 more words


Herbal Remedy To Gain Weight Quickly Without Any Adverse Effects

Nowadays, there are many products available in the market to help men and women in achieving their intended weight. Like losing weight, there are many men and women from around the world, who look for ways to gain weight quickly. 447 more words

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Faces of Meth meets its match with Faces of Fat

Legally, they can show you the pictures of meth heads because they are police mug shot photos. All mug shots are public access for us to laugh at. 116 more words

Outdoor workout-video

You can workout anywhere,you only need your body weight to activate your muscles and keep them healthy and toned


How to Gain Weight

    1. Here are five “good gain” rules I share with my clients:

      1. Don’t let more than four hours go by without eating. …
      2. Eat several foods at once.

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