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Gain muscle + lose fat!

How to gain muscle lose fat?

Girls often ask how to get a big bum without a big stomach and guys want that man chest and biceps without getting ‘too big’ 1,573 more words

Beach Bum

Embarrassed of Your Skinny Physique? Here is How You Can Gain Weight Naturally

In this day n age, people want to look good not just by wearing branded clothes or accessories but they also concern about their physique. Fat people always seek different methods to lose weight. 691 more words

Gain Weight

Post Workout Meal

What do I eat?

3 scoops of protein (whatever brand you want)

2 packs of Mr Noodles 

Nutritional Breakdown

Extreme estimate on the protein.

3 scoops of whey protein… 261 more words


The First and Last 5 Pounds


When you first seek treatment for an eating disorder, your automatically told that a significant amount of weight needs to be gained – … 1,139 more words

Eating Disorder

Bulking Meal Plans (BREAKFAST)


6 Eggs (scrambled)

2 Cups Of Egg Whites (pasturized)

2 Full bagels with cream cheese 

2 Cups Chocolate Milk 


Numbers are estimates… 380 more words


Get bigger the correct way

The Problem

While the majority of us suffer from the problem of losing weight there are those individuals that want to gain weight. These individuals have been skinny for the majority of their lives and want to add mass and size in order to become better versions of themselves. 1,610 more words

Endomorph's Gaining Nutrition & Workout Plan

Endomorphs are fast gainers and hard cutters.
Their slow metabolism leads to fast gaining so they need to watch over their carbs and fats.

Nutrition: 142 more words