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Kid Friendly Industrial Decor

I’m no Joanna Gaines, but I have recently been inspired by the industrial trend in interior design. Since we live in an old city that once thrived during the days of booming steel mills, I think the industrial look is actually fitting for some one who owns a home in this area. 286 more words


The Story of Moses (Part 2)

From “Picture Stories from the Bible”, published in book form by M. C. Gaines in 1943. Text by Montgomery Mulford (an erstwhile writer of articles for church magazines) and artwork by Don Cameron. 149 more words


Chip Gaines Bio: Contractor Spotlight!

General contractors are known for many things: their know-how, their efficiency (or in some cases, their inefficiency), the versatility of their skill-set, and their ability to negotiate between a client and team of workers. 908 more words


Saturday's Song

I hope that you are enjoying this Saturday, I know that there is a lot going on in the world at this time, (but lately that seems to ALWAYS be the case). 39 more words


ESA 2015 Monday Afternoon Talks III

This was a pretty interesting talk. The abstract does a good job summarizing major questions, methods, and results, so I won’t summarize them here. However there was a cool (and disturbing fact) I learned from Selden: fishing (even at maximum sustainable yield) reduces body size of predators. 452 more words

Ecology Talks

Fixer Upper: The Best Kept Secret 

Many of us have found ourselves watching HGTV late at night when nothing is on or when we want to feel inspired to make our homes into something beautiful. 366 more words