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You Won't Believe It, But Gaining Weight Helped Me Recover From Body Dysmorphia

I can’t tell you the first time I looked in the mirror and hated myself. I can’t tell you if there was a time when I didn’t do that. 1,085 more words

Banting's best with common sense

The pearls I have gleaned from the current Banting wave are the lesser intake of simple sugars and simple carbs. One does not have to forgo all carbs, neither does one have to eat piles of fat. 110 more words


I'm a Loser

There’s so much going wrong in my life: I have no writing career, school loans up to my neck, no real savings, my computer is slow as hell, I live in a cluttered house with three other people, work towards a future that’s cloudy, and I’m so fucking fat. 916 more words

Staying Healthy in College

The freshman fifteen… everyone talks about it and dreads it equally as much. Honestly, when I first headed off to school I heard way too much about this subject for my liking. 230 more words


Stubborn Change, but Change Nonetheless

This morning I logged my food eaten over the weekend and yikes!



Bamm!!!  Not good.

Okay, now I understand why I am at a stand still with my weight. 137 more words

Wars with the Scale and Finding Alternatives

I feel like throwing my scale in the trash. We’re in the middle of a huge war right now. I have been counting calories and working out like a good girl, but I’ve gained two pounds. 497 more words

Weight Loss

Banting and inflammation

I was asked to write a blurb about carbs and inflammation. Do I think that carbs cause inflammation?

Yes I do. The problem is that we very easily overeat carbs. 220 more words