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Goals, Tolls & lies I've been told

My goal with this blog was to so record my once last try with weight loss. And I meant that too…my one LAST ever weight loss attempt. 543 more words

Diet Doctor

Post Baby Blues

No, postpartum depression had not taken over.  My post baby blues came in July of 2014, about three months after the birth of my first child.   1,098 more words

What You Need to Do About Legal Growth Hormones Before You Miss Your Chance

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Legal Growth Hormones Is Wrong

Legal steroids however don’t have those side effects, however do promote muscle growth much like a steroid. 597 more words

Weight Gain

It is a pretty known fact that–eventually–your metabolism slows down. There isn’t a set age, but it’s definitely in your twenties. Which, personally, I think is pretty shitty. 575 more words


Losing Weight with Nutrisystem

This blog’s primary job is to provide suggestions and ideas to make the time your child is in school more enjoyable for them and for you. 117 more words

Why We Do Not Tell Skinny Women To Eat Cheeseburgers

Skinny shaming is real.

Whether some want to admit it or not. People tend to think that women who are skinny are privileged, therefore, they should be content because society praises it. 604 more words