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The Fat Me

Just like many have heard about the Freshman Fifteen, many people have heard about the Marriage Thirty. It’s not quite as clever as the Freshman Fifteen, of course, but that’s beside the point. 885 more words

Office jobs give you extra pounds all around..

Ever since I started working full-time as an office clerk (since January 2015 to be exact) I gained significant # of pounds, not necessarily only where I sat but literally all around.  995 more words

Balancing Work And Lifestyle

Don't Stress!

Hi again! I’ve taken the past week off to get my studies up ‘n running again after the holidays and did pretty well.

Firstly: My biggest problems with dieting is stressing about gaining a few grams again. 165 more words

Tips For Dieting

The Newlywed Chronicles – Is "Newlywed 15" a Thing?

No doubt you’ve heard of the “Freshman 15.” That time during our first year at college where we lived solely on Ramen, Hot Pockets and peanut butter crackers (or was that just me)? 224 more words


Comprimising cake and gaining weight as a backpacker

Okay, you got me. I’m not giving up cake anytime soon but after a day of baking, which followed a morning of a hard, sweaty work out you’ll be pleased to hear, I’m thinking of really getting my butt into gear.  299 more words


Maintenance Magic: Gaining and Losing Weight

For years I’ve been a die hard MyFitnessPal.com fan. I have logged in consecutively for 1129 days now. Through all of that logging I’ve maintained my weight between 130 and 140 lbs. 354 more words


I'm Struggling

I’ve been struggling lately and I don’t know what to do.

I mentioned in the post before this one that I was following a new, healthy, eating plan and I’m still on it but I’m screwing up and it isn’t working anymore… 1,137 more words