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Time to Get Weighed

Please don’t show these pics to PETA.

Our pigs are fine.

They are sweet and they are happy and they are loved.

Honey tends to be, uh, what you’d call DRAMATIC. 62 more words

Little Farm

True Life: I'm Underweight

I’ve been on a quest to gain weight for over 6 months now, and it has proven to be more challenging than one would hope. I know how it sounds to others when I complain about how hard it is to gain weight– like who is this person, complaining about being too skinny while the rest of us are out here trying to diet? 686 more words


Dead Birds, Gaining Weight and Car Tax

When the day starts off with you having to clear three – well, 2 and a half baby birds off your back yard, you know you’re in for a rough day. 756 more words


Is Getting Fat a Relationship Killer? [POLL]

‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Is getting fat a relationship killer?

  • Yes!
  • If you are not doing it together -yes! That is just honest- weight is something that you can maintain and i never understand why people let it all go when they find a good person, that is more reason to stay on track and look your best for yourself and each other.
  • 123 more words
Bet On Black

The Day After Cheat Day Blues

I’ve been doing so well in losing weight and feeling the waistline of my jeans getting looser. Too bad “cheat day” messed all that up. 826 more words


Which is heavier?

I’m not sure I should post this. I see lots of posts on eating disorders that begin with the words, “Trigger Warning.” I wonder if this post should have a caution label…I’m not sure. 277 more words

I'm baacck!

But in a totally different frame of mind. In 2011, I started this blog and it became too personal, too quickly. I didn’t stop writing, I just stopped posting. 151 more words