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I Resisted The Fish And Chips

There is an Irish pub in a small community west of the large city that I live in – out here in the middle of the prairies. 972 more words

The Groundhog Day Diet

Bill Murray’s famous movie “Groundhog Day” is a perfect name for my diet.

Go to bed the night before with a new resolve, a life-changing plan, a new way of doing life and even a few hours of success under my belt. 387 more words

Facing The Challenge

Okay, today is the day. Today I will get my shit together and start this thing. I’ll watch what I eat. I won’t eat any sugar, and I will get back to my exercising… 603 more words

Going through the wardrobe

Trying on cloths feeling fat is like: “Nope, hmm, no, ehm, nooo, oh, yes plea..hmpf no”. 6 more words


A Stranger Faces His Biggest Battle

I once asked a business mentor and friend for some advice in how to become successful in business. He looked at me and answered, “You need to lose weight. 764 more words


Back in January, I wrote about my fitness and nutrition journey. I wrote about how I really needed to take a step back and focus on my wellbeing, my health, and especially on myself as a whole. 836 more words

Life Happenings

"Weight is just a number"

Quite often, we hear that “weight is just a number”, and I agree, absolutely. But that number can hold so much Power over you. Not just over how people feel, but over so many things around you. 1,372 more words