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I always found March-May kind of tricky; they feel like spring but then they are not. As you can guess, yes we are expecting another snow storm tonite. 380 more words


Josef Pilates - unconventional response

I do just love the story of this man, born in Germany to a father of greek descent. He had “healthy” parents who got the flame kindled for what was to come. 199 more words

All journeys have their ups and downs. Standing on the scales this week, I thought I would have lost a bit. I followed my eating plan precisely and I even got back to the gym again after being sick. 122 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Did I gain weight?

It’s February but warm enough to wear shorts. So naturally I wanted to try on some of my summer clothes. The results were not my favorite.  271 more words


Beauty Is Beyond Size: #GainingWeightIsCool

(Round face, fat ass and broad shoulders – Yeah, I know I’m beautiful)

The standard of being beautiful changes overtime – from having the finest skin to the thinnest body figure. 586 more words


Training For Hypertrophy: How to Maximize Your Gainz!

Getting absolutely jacked seems pretty simple on the surface, right?  Just gotta lift a bunch of heavy ass weights and eat a hell of a lot of food, and BAM, you’ll be huge! 821 more words


When I’m stuck in the dead of winter, my body shares in that feeling of utter ugh-ness the weather brings to my mental state.  It is cold and miserable outdoors right now, and my body knows it, and only wants to stay bundled up indoors, watching films until Spring shows up.  

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