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Eat to Gain - How!?

First of all, why? Why would you even do that? Yeah, yeah I know, but, in the sporting world, whether that is body building, bikini competing, or sport, this is a general requirement. 503 more words


I’m Getting Fat

The title says it all folks. After years of staying skinny while abusing booze and fast food, my metabolism finally shit the bed and I’m gaining a lot of weight. 456 more words

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7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism – Nutrition for athletes

For a balanced Sports, Nutrition diet is important to understand. Metabolism is the process of converting food to energy through bodily movement and heat. Metabolism happens in your muscles and organs and the result of it is commonly called as burning calories. 272 more words

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Taking low fat foods and reduced fat in your diet but still gaining weight?

Have you been taking low-fat foods and reduced fat in your diet but still gaining weight?

It’s a simple answer.  A few years ago we all became aware of the detrimental effects of fat in our diet. 508 more words

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How to Eat More Protein in your Diet

Protein is a huge part of ones diet if they desire muscle. And you would be shocked at how little protein many people eat in their diets. 385 more words


4 Ways for Skinny People to Gain Weight

Now I used to be skinny. Not just “oh he needs to eat more” skinny, more like “holy shit he looks like he’s about to die” skinny. 667 more words


Toujeo or not to jeo?

Yes folks we have a new insulin and the best best news is that it is priced affordable – R590 SEP for a long acting insulin that almost guarantees NO hypos!!! 173 more words