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Gaining Weight with Scleroderma

Q: My doctor wants me to gain weight but Ensure and Boost give me diarrhea. How else can I add calories?

A: Gaining weight can be difficult for patients, especially if supplements like Ensure and Boost cause digestive… 300 more words


1 more month

I didn’t update last week like I promised I would. My dad passed away unexpectedly so I’ve been wallowing in that. I gained some weight back too through it all. 336 more words

Weight Loss

++ Pounds

I gained 2-4 pounds in a span of 2 months after maintaining my weight and physique for eight years of control and discipline. Facing reality of ageing has been tough as I felt the slower metabolism creeping in when I hit 26 this year. 285 more words


How gaining 15 pounds made me love my body

Growing up, I always had weight issues. Weight insecurity stems from various places, depending on the individual, for me, it came from my family, more specifically my father’s side of the family. 936 more words


My Mother's Voice

This isn’t going to be a very inspirational post. More so, my thoughts. These are the inner demons I fight.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I hear my mother’s voice so often in my adulthood. 300 more words

Gaining Weight Made Me Care About Fashion

A tunic with an empire waist. Add to cart. A “baby doll” blouse. Add to cart. Skinny jeans in a dark wash. Wrap dress. Circle skirt. 661 more words