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I'm Struggling

I’ve been struggling lately and I don’t know what to do.

I mentioned in the post before this one that I was following a new, healthy, eating plan and I’m still on it but I’m screwing up and it isn’t working anymore… 1,137 more words


The Perfect Storm: "There's no way I can lose weight now."

I mean this post wasn’t inevitable,
but this post was inevitable lol.
Somewhere in this weight loss mix,
I was bound to get real, real discouraged. 863 more words

Friday Fixations #2

Hey people! This week has been humid as shit in NY so you know what that means…lots of sweaty thoughts. A general sense of discomfort and grime sure makes for good bloggin’ don’t you think? 805 more words



I’ve been a lot of different weights in my life. I’ve been obese, overweight, & “normal” but I can’t say anyone’s ever told me I was skinny. 512 more words

Body- Food

Pendlay+20 a brand new blog!

This blog has almost nothing to do with powerlifting, or weightlifting.  It is all about gaining muscular bodyweight.  There are literally millions of males who want one thing, to be muscularly larger, and many of them fall prey every year to ridiculous bodybuilding split routines that have them training one bodypart at a time, not eating enough, and making progress very very slowly or not at all. 293 more words

Gaining Weight

Stress eating my way through life

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Sorry about that, I’ve been eating myself to death it seems!

Now, I’m your regular overweight person. I like to eat and eat and eat until I am filled with guilt. 224 more words


Last Day of School!


My. last. day. of. school. was. yesterday.

which means summer…

which means freedom and happiness…

and also more nutella and gaining weight… 120 more words