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Personal trainer Julia Collins changes her own approach to wellness

Our friend Julia Collins has long lived a life focused on health and fitness — she runs a boutique gym in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and serves clients as a… 739 more words


Dubai Diabetes

I was extremely privileged to attend the META (middle-east Turkey Africa) collaborative diabetes conference in Dubai at the weekend. Wow!

I was treated like an absolute princess, divine food! 140 more words

Pregnancy Week Nineteen and a Prego Body

I’m about halfway through this pregnancy and I’m already this big? How much bigger do I need to be?!? It is already to the point where I can just barely fit into my largest pairs of jeans, and even a pair of maternity jeans someone lent me are getting to be on the small side. 597 more words

Weight Gain After Clean Eating

I’m on week three of clean eating and I weighed myself, expecting to see some change. Oh I saw change alright, but in the opposite direction. 151 more words

Weight Loss

21. Underweight

After sir Oliver was with us for a few days, we could see that he had not much fat on his bones. We decided to weigh him and check with the foundation what his minimum weight should be. 585 more words

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How often to eat

Well, that depends, what kind of sport are you into. But let’s stay in the area of building muscles.

The most simply putted the more you eat, the bigger you are. 194 more words

Fitness Advice

Why too many why's?

It is 1am, the bf is not back from his boys night out yet!! At midnight I told him I was heading home from my imaginary girls night out, I thought that should give him time to say goodnight to his friends and head home to me..well an hour later he is still not home!! 413 more words