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The road to becoming a chubster

I’ve been sat here for atleast 30 minutes wondering to myself what the best follow up post would be. I could tell you how I’m doing after my recent breakup, or I could tell you about my amazing new experience as a live-in Au Pair, but I think I’ll leave those things for a less sunny day, as at the moment it’s 30 degree heat, and I don’t want to spend my whole day writing. 535 more words

Working Out.

Hi there!!

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. Between work, and getting back on my feet it’s been insane. I did however, start working out in the gym this week. 283 more words


How gaining 15 pounds made me love my body

Growing up, I always had weight issues. Weight insecurity stems from various places, depending on the individual, for me, it came from my family, more specifically my father’s side of the family. 936 more words


Sneaky Eater

I just cleaned my room and discovered I can no longer close my nightstand drawer–it has too much candy inside it. Shamefully, I hung my head and then threw my hip into it! 351 more words

Insecurities About My Weight

I am a skinny person.

No, I am not on drugs.

No, I am not anorexic nor bulimic.

No, I do not starve myself.

No, I am not a size 0. 470 more words


Fitness is NOT easy.

Hi guys!

Today, I met with my personal trainer. It wasn’t anything too much since I can’t work out just yet. I will be able to in 3 weeks because of a recent minor surgery procedure. 402 more words



At 28 years old, I’ve overcome the shame that comes with self-harm; I don’t have to wear long sleeves anymore and I go to the beach.  495 more words