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Fashion: Emoda finds a new face

As Mitsu already blogged about on the Universal Doll, a couple of months ago Matsumoto Ena announced she was leaving the popular Mark Styler mode-brand Emoda. 200 more words


Freestyle dressage from Moorlands Totilas and Edward Gal

I   have heard about Edward Gaal and Moorlands Totilas before. They were an amazing pair. Here is a video from the 2009 KUR Olympia dressage show in London. 48 more words


I Have Been Single To Me For Ten Years...

I dated this gal a year and and half ago….Our idea s clashed, very lukewarm relationship….Me being a Born Again Christian i couldn t stand the thought that if she died on me what guilt i would feel even tho i have no right to judge God says to test the spirits, She is Agnostic with a little bit of everything, i am in total submission to God the Father……..So lets talk about the ex from ten years ago…..She was the one I was dating while I was going thru the psychosis…..She was… I Have Been Single To Me For Ten Years… 7 more words

Return to the Land Down Under

I’m just back from a whirlwind tour of the East side of Australia. When I left NY it was still cold and very snowy – you can imagine the relief on landing in the Southern Hemisphere. 350 more words


Being Deflowered.


-In a perfect world if not perfect, who would you prefer to deflower you and why?
(leave out the comments that you already have been deflowered but looking back what would be your wise choice)? 145 more words

Fashion: The Return of Ageha

As you may know Koakuma Ageha, often touted as the bible of hostesses, ended publication in April 2014 when their company filed for bankruptcy (along with a lot of other much loved gal magazines). 133 more words


That's My Gal

I saw you
turn your head and run
I saw you
fall into the sun

it was you and only you
The Chosen One
but now you’ve gone… 55 more words