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You Go Gal!

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman in a new movie about the superheroine coming out in June 2017. In the trailer, her independence and strength as a woman overpowers her sexualized features usually depicted. 168 more words


Fashion Talk : LARME 101

Anyone who has taken even a brief look at this blog knows I am a fan of LARME, both the magazine and the style. The first issue of LARME (pronounced larumu in Japanese) was released September 2012 as a magazine centering on sweet, cute women’s fashion. 276 more words


Kali Parties with Buddy and Kin

Thank you for having such a marvelous pawty for me, The Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday Kali!

Today Buddy Budd is throwing a Pawty for his lovely gal Kali. 136 more words

How my story began

hereI was just a normal guy who used to be quiet most of the time. I was smart and always asked teachers questions. It annoyed them so much, I once got kicked out of a school. 295 more words


Fashion News: DaTuRa's take on the Virgin Killing Sweater

What the hell is a virgin killing sweater you may be wondering? Well, it’s basically a sleeveless, backless knit turtleneck that is revealing to the extreme (and kills virgins I guess). 187 more words