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Sprouts & Sunshine

A week into February, and we’re enjoying our first crystal clear days in a while. The sun feels glorious!

For over a week I’ve been starting flower and veggie seeds in the garden shed. 171 more words

Wow time flies. Post #2, almost 13months later

So more than a year after my last post I have re-found my blog. What good intentions I had to keep a journal. Maybe I had a premonition of what 2015 was going to be like. 90 more words

Feels Like Coming Home

Today (April 10, 2014) I’m in an area of the Southwest that I’ve not spent much time in, after leaving Cedar Mesa and The Grand Gulch Primitive Area in Utah, yesterday morning (April 9, 2014). 418 more words

My Nomadic Life

Hodge Podge 3.5

See Parts OneTwo, or what would/should have been Three for other ramblings. I’m still feeling rather scatter brained and lacking focus, although today it’s from a lack of sleep. 1,141 more words

Master Massage SpaMaster Essentials Unscented Massage Oil, 1 Gal

Provides comfort and stress-relief by promoting a deep sense of peace. Effortless Work-ability with Superior Glide. Our Light and Silky Formula washes out easily from fabrics, leaving your sheets and towels looking their best! 112 more words

Metal Monday💀🎵🎤

I’m gonna start trying to theme my day’s and today being Monday will be Metal Monday. It’s been a long day already with one of my favorite artists an actor’s David Bowie leaving this plane of existence. 312 more words

Greased Lightning Degreaser, 1 Gal

Use for bathrooms, laundry, carpeting, kitchen, tile floors, no-wax floors and exterior. Contains no acid or bleach and will not etch or erode surfaces. Note: Not recommended for use on painted surfaces.
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