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Sophia - Poser Answers 10 Questions ~ July 31, 2015

Okay…take a deep breath ’cause here we go…

This is another article from Sophia Love. I AM learning my truth through reading the information she presents, and as I read this article, I felt some tumblers in my mind “click” into place. 2,999 more words

The Federation of Light - EVENTS IN SEPTEMBER 2015 - There shall be An Event - THE POURING IN OF A HIGHER PURER ENERGY … THAT SHALL CHANGE YOUR WORLD FROM THEN ON - You are so close now … Our Family of Light … Who so bravely volunteered to be on Earth through all its trials and tribulations … to be part of the transformation that is locked within the Divine Plan. WE LOVE YOU


Transcript of the above:  from Galactic Federation Of Light  with Blossom Goodchild:


Greetings to all who have the time and the ears to listen to that which we choose to bring forth on this day in your time. 1,145 more words

Blossom Goodchild ~ Galactic Federation of Light 06/20/2015 ~ June 21, 2015

This is a wonderful message by the Galactic Federation of Light that strikes right to the heart of the matter…BE Love! Many wonder, “Why hasn’t… 1,570 more words

Galactic Federation of Light

Is there such a thing as the Galactic Federation of Light? Many believe there is, and that life on our planet Earth is a direct result of that federation. 136 more words

Galactic Federation of Light Announcement ~ We are The Change - Join US


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Galactic Federation of Light Announcement ~ Join us Daily for Live Events and Announcements~ Full Announcements Only in Live Chat Room Daily At this Link: … 73 more words