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Dementia and teleportation

Submissive impacts

Sustainability and paramountability

Terminological demands and suspect analysis

Temporary designs (Confrontations) and (Terminological Concepts)

Portending fabrics have shifted profoundly, decisions to go further will result in new found information. 933 more words

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Galactic Federation of Light Announcement ~ Cosmic Waves of Energy Hitting Now ~ Sept. 11, 2015

Do you need to see this? Perhaps this is the time for you to determine who you are and how to prepare yourself for the greatest moment in human history that is just around the corner. 12 more words

Orion Council Channeled:

Which spiritual teachers should we trust, and which ones are the proverbial ‘false prophets’?

sometimes when I listen to binaural beats I get a weird feeling, like something is attacking my brain and leeching me dry of energy…it could be a 3rd eye opening, crown chakra tingling…..or it could be malevolent forces attacking my mind! 78 more words



“Writing that draws us in is writing that tells us the exact nature of the possible loss…”

—  Julia Cameron   The Right to Write


Orion Council Channeled:

This is the first video I stumbled upon.

At first I thought this girl was putting on a fake accent…but it soon becomes clear that she channels several different beings, with distinct voice inflection, humor, personalities, and individual messages they are eager to convey to us trapped in lower energy fields. 100 more words


Sophia - Poser Answers 10 Questions ~ July 31, 2015

Okay…take a deep breath ’cause here we go…

This is another article from Sophia Love. I AM learning my truth through reading the information she presents, and as I read this article, I felt some tumblers in my mind “click” into place. 2,999 more words