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Colesbourne Park: The Best Winter Garden in The Cotswolds

That’s just my view of course, but I had a rare chance to visit and see Colesbourne Park for myself, just a few days before it officially opens for the first of their celebrated snowdrop weekends in 2016. 1,780 more words


Snowdrop Week: Galanthus 'John Gray'

This week is snowdrop week here at The Frustrated Gardener. I’ll be celebrating the glories of the alluring genus Galanthus in all its virginal whiteness. Never fear, I am not about to succumb to galanthophilia – I can neither afford another addiction nor understand the acute fascination with such minute floral variations – but surely there is nothing in the garden during February more beguiling than a generous tuft of quivering snowdrops? 269 more words


A Christmas Read - Snowdrops and Edibles

Time for reading this year has been hard to come by but when I have managed to grab a moment the two books by bedside have proved to be fascinating reading. 900 more words

Book Reviews

Plant catalogue reviews: North Green Snowdrops

In winter months in England, there are days when gardeners cling to plant catalogues as if they are all we have of spring. 995 more words


Green and white

“The world isn’t all green and white” said Bob Wallis, our first speaker at the AGS Snowdrop Conference this weekend.  He, and his wife Rannveig, then went on to show us snowdrops in the wild particularly Turkey and Iran, where they grow and what with.  745 more words


Snowdrops - making a splash in woodlands and on eBay

For many gardeners the sightings of snowdrops herald the end of winter and mean that spring is not far off. Some of the snowdrops along the walk to school have already started to fade. 460 more words

Stunning Snowdrops

I have often wondered what drives people to be obsessive about things and in particular to feel a need to collect every type available.  I have never been one to collect; I had a stamp collection briefly as a child and also a collection of pig ornaments for a while but my interest in them soon fizzled out.  814 more words