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Speeding Through Galaxy Grand Prix

Our Blaster friend Sara CyberSatellite is practicing today for a BIG race this upcoming weekend. To help make sure she is ready to excel tomorrow, Sara needs to time herself and see how long it will take her to complete the race. 279 more words

Galaxy Grand Prix

Game of the Week: Galaxy Grand Prix

Sometimes us Cadets at Spaceport like to blow off some steam. Galaxy Grand Prix is the perfect place to do that! It is a HUGE race track and you can enter it right from Spaceport’s central headquarters. 102 more words

Game Of The Week

Designing Your Galaxy Grand Prix Tracks

“Max here, signing in to talk about one of my favorite games: Galaxy Grand Prix! While I certainly love cruising through space, nothing beats the feeling of a great day at the SpacePort’s most famous race track. 241 more words

Behind The Scenes

Rise to the Top in Today's Exciting Competition

The 500 Credits Challenge has officially begun and Blasters all over the Intergalactic Space Station are scrambling to complete this one-day challenge. Draw upon the skills you have developed during your training to test your speed and accuracy, and try your hand to win 500 credits. 132 more words

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Coming Soon: 2 Heads Are Better Than 1!

Do the math. Better yet, get your friends to help you do the math! Now for our Blasters with multiple friends, we’re sending out rewards for your fantastic team work. 94 more words

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Add A Friend For More Fun!

Everyone likes having their Blaster buddies around for friendly fun and awesome adventures. Although, it can be hard for you to keep track of everyone when you’re running around exploring in the… 168 more words

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Ready, Set, Go! Challenge Blasters in Galaxy Grand Prix!

Do you think your kid has the best scores and fastest lap times? Can they hang on to their title as reigning champion? Now, they can challenge their… 121 more words

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