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'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Review: AMC Blockbuster Gets Its Groove Back For 100th Episode

To paraphrase Independence Day‘s President Thomas Whitmore and Dylan Thomas, the October 22-debuting eighth season and 100th episode of The Walking Dead makes it very clear that AMC’s zombie apocalypse blockbuster has no intention of going quietly into the collapse-of-civilization night. 305 more words

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Lore: a history of the famous podcast

The unknown is an intoxicating element for mystery or horror. For many a television show or movie, the more unsettling a notion or idea is, the more it sticks in the mind like a splinter, chilling us with every passing minute. 527 more words


'Walking Dead' EP Gale Anne Hurd On "Badass" Season 8 & New 'Lore' Series - New York Comic-Con Q&A

“There’s a lot I can’t tell you, but I will say that even if you follow the comic book, get ready because Season 8 is big and it is badass,” … 1,940 more words

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'Lore' Review: Amazon Horror Anthology Makes Deft Transition From Podcast

As the Friday the 13th launch date for Lore reveals, Gale Anne Hurd, Ben Silverman, Aaron Mahnke and Amazon are clearly not the superstitious types. However, the executive producers, podcast creator, streaming service and six-episode horror anthology series are all about taking things to the next level. 204 more words

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The Terminator

In the golden age of low-budget movie-making that was the 1980s, there were an awful lot of terrible movies produced by studios that knew precisely how to churn out industrial quantities of drek for grindhouse theaters, drive-ins, premium cable TV and the home video market. 958 more words


'The Walking Dead' EPs Promise To Be "Partners" With AMC As They Sue Cabler In NY Over Profits - Update

UPDATE, 11:50 AM: As they promised yesterday they would, today The Walking Dead executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert started the process of filing a potentially multi-million dollar breach of contract suit in New York against AMC along with Charles Eglee. 828 more words

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SyFy’s Hunters Interviews And Podcast

Executive producer and show runner, Natalie Chaidez;  stars Britne Oldford and Julian McMahon joined my fellow reporters and I to chat about this SyFy series. 2,858 more words

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