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In general (she said, looking around wildly for wood to touch) this little corner of Adverse Camber is sheltered from the worst of the autumn storms. 1,047 more words

Global tropical storms, heavy rain and snow

With the weather in the UK still relatively settled we take a look at where the weather may have an impact around the world in the coming days. 714 more words

Met Office News

There Isn't a Reason for Hurricane Season

It’s hard to believe that most Atlantic hurricanes are born in Africa, the Sahara desert to be exact. When hot dry winds of the desert mix with cool wet winds of the south around the Gulf of New Guinea forming a jet stream dispatching waves of air westward out into the Atlantic. 698 more words

Forceful gales

There's a wind that hails
from forceful gales,
its power uncontested.

In the time it blows
preparedness flows,
its target unmolested.

And the hull is sound
as it sits aground,
beyond nature's mighty grip. 13 more words

Windy Day

I am pleased to see that the tall birch trees are still standing after today’s gales.

Although I don’t think the rain has finished with us yet.


Pen Dinas

Pen Dinas is the name of a Hill next to Aberystwyth. It’s a lovely place to do a hiking in a sunny day. There are available trails and if you do it with company is well worth it. 152 more words


The Mighty One

Weather warnings were being sounded days in advance.
CalMac put Saturday’s sailings on alert of possible disruption.
With conditions relatively calm the morning sailings had no problems. 301 more words

"Life On Tiree"