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The land of Galilee was nothing like I expected it to be. In the past, when I read accounts of Jesus teaching the multitudes and feeding the 5000, I visualized them sitting on grassy slopes. 524 more words


Speak Lord: That we may be at peace...

The Gospel reading for the 5th Sunday of the Year, and this year, the last Sunday before Lent begins, takes us from Nazareth and Jesus’ troubles, to Galilee and the disciples and their troubles there… 413 more words

Catholic Faith

A lectionary sermon for 7 February 2016 on Luke 5: 1-11

Years ago, as a volunteer high school teacher in New Britain, part of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea, I used to watch and wonder at the Western evangelists who passed briefly through the towns and villages, apparently totally oblivious to the serious social and political issues facing the locals. 1,817 more words


1,700-Year-Old Jewish Inscriptions Unearthed in Galilee

“The wealth of inscriptions from the cemeteries attests to the strong Jewish presence and the city’s social elite in the Late Roman period,” says archaeologist. 79 more words

Early Church

The Sermon on the Mount

The grassy hill that leads up and away from the northern coast of the Sea of Galilee is the traditional location of where Jesus delivered his famous Sermon on the Mount. 24 more words


Meeting at Sunrise

I have been privileged to visit Israel twice.  Both times we took a boat on Galilee.  The first time I was struck by the awe of the place – trying to believe I was actually there, on the lake – and to absorb every moment of the experience.   515 more words

Christian Living

Israel, Day 3: A Roman Siege, the Northern Kingdom, & Hanging Out in Syria

I am back from Israel-Palestine, but the effects of this trip are still lingering with me, both emotionally and spiritually (and physically). I still want to share this trip with all of you. 1,178 more words