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The Romans enforce the peace

Jesus, Saturday November 18, AD 29

I managed to go to the synagogue in Magdala without stirring up too much ill-feeling, at least to begin with.  480 more words

Jesus, Thursday November 16, AD 29

One of Mary’s farm hands died today.  He had suffered a deep gash in his leg while working in the fields a couple of weeks ago and the wound had gradually grown worse.  256 more words

Cast your nets to the other side

Thomas, Tuesday November 14, AD 29

I woke up even earlier than yesterday and went to see the fishermen again.  They were still in their boats, maybe twenty yards from the beach and some distance away along the lakeside when I arrived at the shore, but I could see the slump of lost hope in their shoulders.  318 more words

The Disciples are Despondent

Thomas, Monday November 13, AD29

I rose early this morning and went to find the five fishermen by the shore.  They had gone back to work but were frustrated by the uncertainty about their future.  194 more words

The walk

The walk we’d take
beside the lake
In low light of ev’
Is one I’d say
would extend
until the stars
of night unblend
from the fading… 386 more words


Thomas decides to see Jesus again

Sunday November 12, AD 29

Cyrus dropped some work off on Friday.  He didn’t mention Jesus but while we talked I asked him what he had been up to, and he said he’d been to Magdala again.  196 more words

Pilgrimage III

I was awakened this morning by a tweeting sound and looked out the window to view the sunrise over the Sea of Galilee and the hills just around it. 1,545 more words