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A hundred years before Galileo’s time Copernicus went down to Italy to study astronomy and medicine, and when his book was published it was dedicated to a Pope.

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We'll Always Be Together by Flying Tortoise

Rather an appropriate crossword for a Flying Tortoise to produce (though I hope his shell survived the fall) and how enjoyable. We were surprised by the small grid and, after speedy confirmation that Flying Tortoise retains his membership of the Listener Drinkie Club, (‘Ship 7 innkeeper’s bottles (3)’ where 7 gave us ROBOT, which, of course, bottles an OBO, a ship; then ‘Fear coin’s lost for Jean’s drink trip (8, … 363 more words

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Successful Soyuz launch from Kourou, expanding the Galileo constellation

The European satellite navigation constellation, Galileo, just grew by two spacecraft: Galileo FM-10 & FM-11 were placed into orbit by a Soyuz rocket operated by Arianespace from Kourou in French Guiana today.   24 more words


#9: Smells Like Dead Cat

Originally released 15th April 2013

Rhys struggles to grasp the concept of a thought experiment and Mia comes to terms with the fact that Ozzy Osborne is a mutant. 16 more words


Father Kircher was the Jesuit who made the first scientific museum. As the result of his general interest in things scientific he wrote a little book on the pest.

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Suspended Beauty

This is a closeup of a Galilean Thermometer first developed in Florence, Italy by a group of scientists around the year 1600. Galileo discovered the principle on which this thermometer is based. 180 more words