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Galileo and the Science of Nature - Lecture 1

We are interested in science as part of intellectual history. We are not, therefore, concerned whether Galileo’s theories are correct or not in terms of the scientific conception of truth, however mistrustful we might be of such a way of thinking about truth. 2,255 more words

Science And Belief

When a Comet Met Ganymede

Captured by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft on April 5, 1997, this image shows Enki Catena, a 161.3-km (100-mile) long crater chain on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. 135 more words


Micro Wars - The Dawn Of Micro Computers

When you think of computers you think of this right?  Or maybe this?

Well that’s no longer necessarily the case. Computer have always been getting smaller and smaller but nowadays they’ve gotten so small they are the size of a credit card hence the nickname “Credit Card PC’s”. 769 more words


India based Travel Software Companies adopting Agile Design Process for Travel Portal Development Projects

http://www.provab.com – Software designing is filled with a lot of buzz words at present and the most frequent of them is the word “Agile”. There are other similar kinds of words like SCRUM, KANBAN, Crystal Clear and Extreme Programming. 491 more words


Newbury Hall House Crests

Commission to design crests for the four school houses, named after famous scientists and philosophers. Da Vinci sketches formed inspiration for the style.

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Here's Religion in a Nutshell!

I’ve learned a few things as I have gotten older…and formed some new perspectives and questions along the way! Near the top of my list of questions are the following two: 1,225 more words

Relections On Life

15-09 Story 1: The History of Physics: Why it's important to look back


Synopsis: The history of physics is a long and extremely interesting one, littered with the names of some of the most famous scientists in the world, like Galileo, Newton, Copernicus, Einstein, Curie, and others. 1,643 more words

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