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After the Eclipse

Was it any more miraculous than the phases of the moon, than the shortening days of fall, than a sudden snowstorm?  It was in some ways.  311 more words

Asteroid of the Half-Month: 243 Ida I Dactyl

You didn’t think the first asteroid moon we’ve found would get off that easily, did you?

Asteroid satellites had long been suspected before Ida/Dactyl. Scientists had rejected “the exploded planet” origin for all asteroids, but later found “many, exploded parents” for many of the asteroids. 1,289 more words


observatory of galileo galilei

la specola tower, few hundred meters from my current home..



Burn, Baby, Burn

Countless articles are warning that you will need special glasses if you plan on looking at the eclipse. Make sure you get the right kind —shameless grifters are apparently repurposing old 3D glasses and trying to pass them off as NASA approved, so be suspicious if yours have a… 687 more words