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Using the past to inform the present

I do not have all of the answers regarding gender dysphoria and being transgender.  I have learned that we have much to learn.

With this essay, I seek to present the past as instructor for the present, that we might remember that we have been wrong and ill-informed about many things over the years, and we have changed our position on many. 1,138 more words

The Dutch Gadget

I have just finished reading J.L. Heilbron’s biographical tome on Galileo, which though very interesting I found a difficult book and somewhat academic in style.  In 1609 Galileo became aware of a Dutch spectacle maker’s device that made distant objects appear closer.  686 more words


Science's Quarrel With The Bible, Part 1

Science’s Quarrel With The Bible, Part 1

Extracts from Lectures by Walter Rowton, Esq.

It is all very well for our philosophers to dismiss the Bible as having nothing to do with the technicalities of Science, but they have no right to take that course upon a merely superficial acquaintance with the Book they dismiss. 817 more words

Old Flat Earth News

A history of the telescope

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Astronomy. What’s the first thing you think of when you read that word? The many beautiful vistas returned from Hubble? A family in a backyard huddled around a small telescope? 913 more words


Zenon and Tithonus making it an Indian summer

Galileo is entitled to the pick of some of Europe’s best fillies but as one of the world’s best sires he has global pulling power. That much was evident when his 2013 book of mares included India’s champion filly Jacqueline. 668 more words


Galileo's Defiance and Destiny in an Imagined Science Fiction Novel #scifi #historical #alternative #history

This science fiction novel is heavy on historical fiction. I knew the outline of Galileo’s story – his breakthrough studies of the moons of Jupiter, endorsement of the then-radical theory that the planets orbit around the sun, and his condemnation by the Catholic Church. 363 more words

Science Fiction

Europe's Galileo Satnav Identifies Problems Behind Failing Clocks

  • Problems behind failure of atomic clocks in Galileo have been identified
  • ESA has been investigating reasons behind failing clocks on 18 satellites
  • Three rubidium and six hydrogen maser clocks were not working …
  • 546 more words
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