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Wining, weekending and losing my voice in the Western Cape

You should be grateful that I am typing out this story as opposed to telling it because I happen to sound like a chain smoking 90-year-old prostitute (not that I really know what that sounds like) but the less said about me losing my voice the better.  1,396 more words

South Africa

Best iPhone App Today: Galileo Offline Maps Pro

#iOS #iPhone #Apps Galileo Offline Maps Pro Go offline anywhere you want — offline vector maps and offline search for your better travel experience. Record your GPS tracks, bookmark your favorite locations and sync them between your devices. 33 more words

climate/science deniers excommunicated Galileo

Reading that facts don’t seem to matter to many humans, so they scoff at science I flashed to something I learned in grade school, about the long human certainty that the earth was flat versus those who belived it to be round. 319 more words

Galileo and the Falling Bodies

Aristotle (384 BCE – 322 BCE) said heavier bodies fall faster than lighter ones, and so does common sense. But in fact, the speed of a falling body increases by the same rate independently of its mass or weight. 239 more words



Have you ever felt like the world is unfair and there are many things that should change to improve millions of people lifes or to help the Nature against pollution, deforestation and other human caused dissasters? 648 more words


A cylinder rolling down a slope

The other week I was asked to explain how a cylinder (or ball) rolling down a slope differs from e.g. a ball being dropped vertically. It is an interesting question, because it illustrates some things which are not immediately obvious. 1,427 more words