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26 February

Always good to celebrate the jolly old church getting things desperately wrong in the face of reason and science and making itself look a Grade A Dick in the process. 133 more words

Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 2 Review

First off, sorry about the wait for the review. And second off, sorry about the wait for this chapter. It’s been over a year since Chapter 1 of the Cosmic Chronicles was released, and in a perfect world, I would have preferred to have a gap in between episodes of no more than six months, or at least less than a year. 255 more words

Episode Review

Satellite navigation - the next ten years

Satellite navigation is such a vital part of day-to-day life that other countries of the world are planning to build up their own network of navigation satellites and move away from total reliance on the American system, GPS. 1,148 more words


Sires that are here to stay

In January, the European Pattern Committee announced a number of enhancements to the race programme for stayers at listed/pattern level which included the upgrading of the Goodwood Cup to Group 1, and the Queen’s Vase, Royal Ascot’s staying race for three-year-olds, to Group 2. 1,145 more words


The Moon, A Star, A Planet, Oh My!

Gabriela A. Tejada

Sixth Planet from our burning yellow and orange Star named Sun.

Sun by those craving and yearning for the bright that is the hope that is the light that is the never-ending positivity that comes from the indescribable brightness radiating from your rays of happiness and possibilities. 293 more words


Galileo's battle for science over scripture.

I recently read a most interesting book, Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobell which charted the life of Galileo through letters to/from his daughter who spent all her adult life in a convent. 511 more words