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Jupiter's moon Europa has the solar system's best chance to support life

New information came to light from the data collected during an old NASA mission. The Galileo unmanned spacecraft was launched in 1989 to study Jupiter and its moons. 343 more words

Did You Know

Jupiter’s vast cyclones and is there life on Europa?

Back when I first started this blog, the opening post was about Pluto and the New Horizons probe that showed us incredible images of the heart-shaped ice sheet. 438 more words


Diary Day 607: Brexit means the likely reunification of Ireland.

Diary Day 607: at Holyrood SNP, Labour, Green and Lib Dem MSPs triggered a new constitutional crisis by voting by 93 to 30 Tories that the Scottish Parliament “does not consent to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill”. 880 more words


UK exits the EU (Galileo)

There is a developing situation regarding the EU Galileo project. EU negotiator Michel Barnier referred to it in a speech yesterday – his speech is… 256 more words

Referendum Outcome (UK)

Stories of the Stars

Me and Stars have both many things in common. We both contain a universe in our selves and we both converse with other beings only if you listen to us carefully. 242 more words

Nalaik Panda (Worthless Student)

NASA, Juno and our trip to Jupiter

The last few years seem to have given us a steady stream of interplanetary images that have kept many of us glued to the internet to marvel at the high resolution pictures of alien worlds. 814 more words


Changing Nature's Laws

Can we change the laws of nature like law of attraction, law of gravitation, law of electrostatics etc.?


I think this question represents the basic instinct that every scientist feels at some point. 1,254 more words