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The Troublemakers

Yesterday we walked the grounds of Mount Vernon, outside Washington, DC. It was home to George Washington, leader of the revolution, founding father, first president, hero… 652 more words



I AM the sister, and although there is a really great photo of us that I could try to sketch, I am tired of (and terrible at) drawing people, so I went with using Galileo’s sketch of the Pleiades (AKA the Seven Sisters) as a model. Blurring is intentional.


13. The Church has taught that salvation

The Church has taught that salvation comes about by explaining 4 Spiritual Laws and passing out tracts to complete strangers.  We were made to feel guilty if we could not bring ourselves to engage in this behavior (often called “witnessing”).   12 more words


God and Science intertwined <3

During our talk on Nicholas Copernicus, we tried to grasp the scientific approach he took and in doing so wondered whether it was divine science or human science he immersed himself in. 1,314 more words

Never Outshine the Master

Many people try to find the secrets, the history, and the inner workings of power. In their quest, they often forget an important rule: never outshine the master… 404 more words


7. Even after confession

Even after confession and absolution there will still be a struggle against sin.  It is not a one and done operation. (see Luther’s 4th Thesis)


The Trial Of Galileo (Podcast)

The Italian astronomer Galileo was examined by the Inquisition for heresy in 1633. At issue was his advocacy of the heliocentric (sun-centered) view of the solar system. 46 more words