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Last night, Gallaudet University hosted a student-centered art show to see their artistic skills and support the art world, and noticed a controversial image (this is ACTUALLY REAL) that caught many people’s eyes.

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So, I went beyond the imagination: Star Trek. Live, long, and prosper! When I died for ten minutes on November 8th, 2016 at Gallaudet University—no, I am not kidding!

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A Beautiful Sunny Day...

Today was a good day. :)

Went for an early morning walk with a friend. Had a great time! :) Long walks are one of my favorite things to do – need to do it more in the future. 26 more words

Gallaudet University

Processing my thoughts on the US Election...

I am not American.

But, I feel completely drained after last night and today.

Yesterday, I sat down at around 6:20pm in my living room to watch the results of the election unfold. 997 more words

Gallaudet University

Discovering Deaf Worlds Gala

I had a blast at the Discovering Deaf Worlds Gala last night! Met some new faces as well as got to know some people I already know better. 24 more words

Gallaudet University

Deadlines! Deadlines!

Just when I thought I had one less class to worry about, I received an e-mail from my professor two days ago reminding us that our portfolio submission is due on the 13th of November. 63 more words


In 1872,  Percival Hall, Sr. was brought into the world today and became second president of Gallaudet College for 35 years starting in 1910; He was an alumnus for Harvard, Yale as well as Gallaudet College Normal School.

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