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First Oils

28 x 40″ on stretched canvas.


Act One: Chapter 7 - Max Rants Again

I am imagining PUNCH getting an earful of what he wants to hear. I can see it now: Boo Dolly, his new best bud with her nervous red head full of unkempt mad-lady hair. 1,312 more words

LS Lowry: Reframing Private Loans

Even though I’ve been working at The Lowry for nearly four years, sometimes it’s easy to forget that The Lowry is home to the world’s largest public collection of paintings and drawings by the famous LS Lowry. 930 more words


Highlights: Perpetual Movement

As the home of dance in the North and guardian of the world’s largest collection of LS Lowry works, it only seems natural to combine art & dance in our gallery spaces. 429 more words

Saying something without words.

Its great when an artwork portrays how you feel. The weather is really cold today and finding this piece By Antony Gormley at Tate Britain… 15 more words


Casualties and new openings on the Fitzrovia art scene: galleries update, December 2016

The Fitzrovia art scene continues to flourish, with around 47 commercial galleries now thriving in our manor (see below for full list). The rate of growth is not as dynamic as it was a few years ago, when new galleries were opening almost every month, but as galleries close or move on to pastures new, new kids on the block seem to pop up. 1,031 more words