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Paris, London, Roma and New York Set by Andrea Laliberte

A set of four 11x14in trendy fashion print posters available without frame as poster prints or with various options such as frames or mounting. The prints can be purchased on Amazon subject to availability.


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The Snowy Graveyards Where Soviet Subs and Planes Go to Die

In the early1970s, the Soviet Union built an amphibious airplane designed to skim the sea, searching for US nuclear submarines. It flew, but the Kremlin scuttled the Bartini BerievVVA-14 after a prototype crashed, the designer died, and a supplier bungled an order. 339 more words


SL-WEEK 45: NeighBirds

These birds are arranged in the order from the farthest away from my home to the closest. Actually, I didn’t even have to stand up from my computer for the last one. 173 more words
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3 Brown Street, Manchester

Wednesday 25th May 2016, 4.35pm (day 1,735)

Manchester city centre, like all big city centres, is now substantially formed of anonymous glass buildings like these, the coating probably not doing much for the insulation, but look at the lovely reflection effect it gives. 32 more words

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Talkatiff's Review Of Ladder|@Mr_2kay

Ladder is a song by Grafton’s Record frontliner,Mr 2kay_produced by Cordless.

This song has a highlife tune to it,its not like the usual sound we hear. 75 more words


Talkatiff's Review Of Smile|@Shaydeeboi

Smile,is a song by Eme’s Shaydee produced by Jay Paul.

This is an interesting performance,the melody of the song is appealing and tuneful. Shaydee as usual had a rich vocal tone,and it’s crystal clear without strain.. 52 more words