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The Infusion House

Two Months after the exams had gotten over Mr. Gravity (There is a long story behind the name) and I finally happened to meet. It was a working day and it was pouring. 1,022 more words

Sarthak Oza

Breakfast Battles

I have no idea if the following topic is just a bicultural marriage issue or if it’s an every marriage issue, but it is fun to write about, so I shall. 686 more words

Bicultural Marriage

Midweek adventure!

It gets harder and harder to write when life here is just becoming normal. Everyday is a new adventure, but some days are just less exciting than others. 312 more words

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, April flowers bring May showers.

We have wrapped up the teaching year here at United World College Costa Rica. Students are in the midst of their IB exams or their course finals. 292 more words

Expat Life

Costa Rica: The Preferred Gallo Pinto?

In graduate school I lived in Costa Rica for a year. I told Matt not to even bother researching cuisines of Costa Rica. I knew exactly what we would make – gallo pinto (or painted rooster). 280 more words

Eating World Challenge 2015 Country Cuisine

Holy Week is Upon Us

Holy Week in Costa Rica is huge. For some, this week is all about religious reflection and for others it’s another vacation at the beach. For me, it’s a time to catch up on Netflix and write new Spanish words in my notebook. 146 more words


18 Reasons for the "Study Abroad Sixty"

Like the “freshman fifteen”, I am thinking the “Study Abroad Sixty” should become a common phrase in everyday language. Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but the food here is AMAZING, and my mama tica doesn’t stop feeding me! 62 more words

Costa Rica