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gallo pinto in central america

gallo pinto is a rice field with black bean in the food.

Gallo pinto or gallopinto is a traditional dish of Costa Rica and Nicaragua made with rice and beans. 79 more words


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Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica

Early morning, crisp, cool mountain air, a change from the sticky humidity clinging to the rest of the country. Breakfast is rice and beans or more exotically, … 921 more words


Costa Rica

Steve’s house.

17 March 2016.

Initial searches for a suitable restaurant looked promising as we discovered RomeroJo’s, the sole authentic Costa Rican establishment to be found here in the UK. 1,138 more words


Tico Man Suffers Breakdown at Thought of Using Too Much Lizano Sauce

Spends majority of lunch staring at doused plate of rice

Pavas —  Jose Valdez slipped into an existential crisis today after he spent the majority of his lunch hour at a neighborhood soda staring at his untouched bowl of rice and deeply debating whether he could physically add more Salsa Lizano to his already drenched platter. 364 more words

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

I got the ingredients in to do a Costa Rican breakfast a few weeks ago but forgot that I haven’t had a weekend at home for a while so decided to cook it this evening instead. 91 more words


Costa Rica Adventure, Day Four--Part One

People love food.  One of the fun things about travel is exploring the food.  My two favorite, traditional Costa Rican foods are gallo pinto and platanos fritos.   451 more words