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In Costa Rica, April flowers bring May showers.

We have wrapped up the teaching year here at United World College Costa Rica. Students are in the midst of their IB exams or their course finals. 292 more words

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Holy Week is Upon Us

Holy Week in Costa Rica is huge. For some, this week is all about religious reflection and for others it’s another vacation at the beach. For me, it’s a time to catch up on Netflix and write new Spanish words in my notebook. 146 more words


18 Reasons for the "Study Abroad Sixty"

Like the “freshman fifteen”, I am thinking the “Study Abroad Sixty” should become a common phrase in everyday language. Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but the food here is AMAZING, and my mama tica doesn’t stop feeding me! 62 more words

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The Gallo Pinto is Worth the Wait (So is other stuff)

I woke up really early again, as always here. So I went to the park and ran again. I dearly love the feeling after a morning run like that, but it’s always hard to make myself get out and go. 800 more words

Gallo Pinto con Plátanos Fritos

During my travels to Ghana and Costa Rica I was introduced to the most amazing food: Plantains! They look like big bananas, but are sort of pinkish on the inside, grow mostly in tropical climates and can’t be consumed raw. 905 more words


Local Cockroach Opens Soda in Heredia

Local Cockroach Opens Soda in Heredia
The Central Valley’s hottest new chef said to be inspired by Pixar’s Ratatouille

HEREDIA — If you frequent downtown Heredia, you’ve probably already heard of Soda le Cafard, the city’s hottest new restaurant. 509 more words

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Elgondolkodtató (Food for thought)...

What makes a dream dinner date?

Forgive us this indulgence as we take a break from our normal postings (well at least from updating you on our most recent misadventures throughout Latin America), in this case contemplating, a hypothetical dream dinner date. 999 more words