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Yes, polls do matter to pols

Politicians are known to stretch the truth, fib a little and, yes, even lie through their teeth.

One of the greatest lies politicians tell us is that “Polls don’t matter.” 272 more words

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Podcast Episode 058: Working with Strengths Checklist

How do we go about building a picture of our strengths, and those of others? We don’t usually greet each other by enquiring what we are no good at, or what we have recently screwed up; yet we also do not naturally and consistently search deeply for those inner-most strengths and natural talents. 208 more words


ACA is working, if uninsured rate is an indicator

One way to measure the success of the Affordable Care Act comes from a new survey by the Gallup organization.

The number of uninsured Americans has declined to 11.9 percent. 167 more words

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NBC/WSJ Poll that sinks the GOP is skewed

Update: A shout out to the Village Voice for the link and all of you who are stopping by,  Think we are “Running scared?”  Best put your money under your mattress. 292 more words

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Gallup sued by DOJ - Funny, GOP poll numbers tank

I was happily moving along last night, getting my post ready with the good news polls that reflected that things were moving our way, when out of nowhere I hear O’Reilly on the tube.  640 more words

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