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When the dead aunts go home

There isn’t a situation, circumstance, life event, object, (animate or inanimate) in Bali that doesn’t have a particular ceremony assigned to it. The big ones, marriage, birth, death, are universal. 671 more words


Pulang Kampung

There is a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia that has popped up over the past two weeks that I think deserves some attention: pulang kampung. In the driest and most direct sense of translation (i.e. 613 more words

Ngaji Keberagaman dari Hari Raya Galungan

“Galungan patitis ikang jnyana sandhi galang apadang mariakena biaparaning idep. (Galungan adalah memusatkan (patitis) pengetahuan suci (jnyana) untuk mendapatkan kekuatan yang terang (galang apadang) untuk menghilangkan kegelapan hati (mariakena biaparaning idep).” –Lontar Sunarigama- 395 more words


15.07.15 No training and it's Galungan

I ended last night with pain in my left foot and have no idea what it is or where it came from. But it hurts and I pass on training today. 924 more words



Balinese Dulang is an offering plate which they arrange fruits or placed their little organic flower dish.


A Divine Sign: Bali

If you happen to visit Bali around the festival of Galungan (like we did by a happy coincidence in 2013), you’ll notice these ornamental poles of bamboo peering over you, decorated with leaves and fruits and with an offering basket suspended from their top, adorning the gateways of buildings and lining the roads. 107 more words

Photo Challenges

The Buda of Dunggulan

No, I haven’t misspelled the Buddha’s name. And no, I’m not referring to anything related to the renowned multi-outlet restaurant and market franchise called Bali Buda (soon to be renamed to Bali Bunda). 510 more words

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