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5 Steps to getting your finances back on track

Gambling can have detrimental effects on a person’s finances. Depending on the point at which the gambler seeks help, the state of the finances can vary. 331 more words

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Lottery: The Joy of Losing

Who voluntarily gives their money away knowing that the system is rigged, and then believes it is for a good cause!?? This is what folks do in North Carolina. 371 more words


A Life Pervaded by Addiction: an interview with Joe

The common phrase ‘problem gambler’ is thrown about very casually as if the compulsive gambling behaviour that so many experience (about 5% of the UK polulation including the 0.7% of life threatening cases). 202 more words

Gambling Addiction

How prevalent is addiction?

Following on from the previous post, our coffee discussion turned to the prevalence of addiction in the UK. We were both coming from a belief that it reveals an astonishingly large number of people in trouble. 641 more words

Gambling Addiction

Addiction Musings (1) Introduction

We’re beginning a series of posts ‘musing’ about addiction. Musing rather than thinking too hard, as the subject is so vast and split into thousands of specialist research specialities. 759 more words

Gambling Addiction

Dual diagnosis in gambling addiction and mental health disorders. Special Guest Post By, Nicola Smith.

As a dually diagnosed person myself, my recovery friends know it has been difficult for me to put into words how it feels to live and maintain my 10+years in recovery from gambling addiction while having mental health challenges. 897 more words

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Problem gambling suicide in the wake of a Philippine mental health law: Can it help Filipino gambling addicts?

By Dee-Dee Santa Cruz-Espina

A month after a mental health bill was given majority vote by the Philippines’ Upper House, a man, who was described as “an emotionally disturbed individual,” entered the casino of one of the country’s premiere integrated tourist destinations, torched its tables and later himself leading to his death. 1,021 more words