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Sportsbet agencies offering credit to punters

To think that problem gamblers could end up owing money to the agencies they have already lost all their money too is very disturbing to me. 1,097 more words

Sports Betting

The Gambler's Fallacy May have a Common Cause?


“Based on these results, we believe that the insula could be hyperactive in problem gamblers, making them more susceptible to errors of thinking.”

Dr Luke Clark… 1,153 more words

Gambling Disorder

Gambling Disordered Thinking

In relation to other addictive behaviours, Gambling Disorders seems to have many different types of cognitive distortion which are specific to the disorder.

Obviously gambling addicts also exhibit the general… 36 more words

Gambling Disorder

Mum launches campaign for responsible gambling following tragic death of her son.

WHEN Anne Evans’ son Alan Lockhart hanged himself after blowing £200,000 gambling she vowed his death wouldn’t be in vain.

She was horrified at the lack of support for gamblers in her home town of Doncaster and went on a one-woman crusade to have the illness recognised as an addiction, just like drink and drugs. 1,266 more words

Gay Pride Parade Walk #3

I walked down into the belly of the beast today! The heart of the madness of the West end of Vancouver…Pride Parade day!

It took about a half an hour to walk a 10 minute walk as I fought my way through the crowds of people. 376 more words


The Perfect Storm...Walk #2

I knew that leaving the house today would be a total disaster and I really had no intention of leaving my room for the entire weekend!  540 more words


My feet hurt!

Yesterday was the first day of my task…each day, take a walk around the block, whether I want to or not, and blog about it. It sounds simple right? 604 more words