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Why Gambling?

I still get asked this now, why gambling? Why not drugs, or drink why did I gamble?

I am sure, I have explained before but not 100% so I will go into it a little bit now and hopefully people will understand why. 1,125 more words

My Journey To Recovery

The Need To Be Sedated

It all started with a small bet

Then the time came I needed to be sedated

My soul unable to control my mind

Spiralling downwards to a bitter end… 229 more words

Poems And Quotes

Burning Strength

I almost had it all, then I was fooled

The happiness, the life, everything I ever wanted

Then I was fooled

I believed you was the only way to survive… 191 more words

Poems And Quotes

Sharing Other Recovery Blogs Sharing Voices of Gambling Recovery. Meet Arnie Wexler, A 50 Year Veteran of Recovery From Gambling Addiction.

As National Problem Gambling Awareness Month comes to a close, I want those who may know someone or have a family member touched by or may have a problem or have become addicted to gambling here Arnie Wexler … 165 more words

Recovery & Addiction

Future Japanese casinos to use steep admission fees to curb addiction, make winning harder

”Preventative measures” sees visitors setting themselves back $75 before even stepping foot into the casino. 475 more words


Day One - Gambling, Debt, Depression and Desperation

I’m at rock bottom. Again

I am writing this blog from a place of darkness. A place of fear. Also, a place of hope.

For the first time in this horrific downward spiral of gambling and drug addiction, not only do I have hope that I can escape it, but I am ACTIVELY doing something about it. 240 more words


What Is Permanent Housing?... I Was A GoBo!

While we all sit in our personal goldfish bowl, we tend to forget about other people’s hardships and livelihoods. Do you ever sit around and wonder how other people are living? 497 more words