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Recovery Guest Blog & Article Spotlight. Marilyn Davis of 'From Addict 2 Advocate' & Article By, Carl Towns.

Note from Marilyn Davis of  Addict 2 Advocate:  I’m always excited to bring another voice to From Addict 2 Advocate. Carl Towns discusses his struggles with gambling addiction and offers straightforward information, his experience with gambling, and some solutions. 1,649 more words

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My Garbage Feelings about Gambling Online

Always chase the unlikely, never accept the obvious. Take for granted every boon. Break all hope, and shatter any convictions.

Online gambling was designed to fleece idiots like me. 431 more words

We Don't Get To Chose Our Family ~ A Letter to My Estranged Family, "Leave Me Alone" Is My New Year Wish . . .

“Many of us who live our lives in recovery like myself may have some of our family members not understand the addiction into recovery concept of how we can come out “the other side ” from addictions. 1,592 more words

Recovery & Addiction

Hypnosis to Stop Gambling (528hz)

Self hypnosis has been recommended as a successful source to end many types addiction, including addiction to gambling.

Over the next few weeks I will begin to introduce a series of guided hypnosis audio video tracks on YouTube that will all be aimed towards recovery. 115 more words


"Gambling Addiction Can Happen to Anyone. A Lawyer, A Policeman, Even a Postal Worker."

“The holidays for many addicted gamblers can be a dangerous time while out “chasing” money they may need for holiday gifts or travel. I know I did it many, many Christmas’ past within my own past gambling addiction. 592 more words

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Massachusetts Gaming Report - Keeping Track Of Its Residents Gambling Health

Monitoring the process and monitoring the results have been a high point of emphasis ever since the passing of the Expanded Gaming Act by then Governor Deval Patrick on November 22, 2011. 667 more words


"The Sound of Rain" by Gregg Olsen

A compelling mystery full of twists and turns, with a troubled heroine who finds she’s much more tightly entwined in the case she’s investigating than she ever suspected. 276 more words