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She Never Expected This

Growing up in Little, California is a great place for Carter Moon. Her family runs a cute little cafe, called, wait for it, Little Eats! The most exciting, or for Carter, disturbing thing to happen in her life is the fact that her older brother John has a gambling addiction that he doesn’t seem able to shake. 267 more words

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Overcome Gambling Addiction

When you bet on spots, scratch cards, roulette, poker or slots in a casino or just online, problem gambling can affect relationships and also interfere with work. 122 more words

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"An, OH MY Gambling Moment" Sorry grandma!

Sorry grandma! That $42 million slot machine jackpot was a computer glitch!!

WHAT?   And that is why I don’t gamble anymore! It would most likely happen to me and look what it got GRANDMA? 333 more words

Recovery & Addiction

Habitual Gamblers See Patterns Where There Are None, Study Says

Researchers have found gamblers are more prone to find non-existent patterns in completely random sequences — and are more likely to bet on those erroneous perceptions — adding to a large amount of research that suggests pathological gambling is the result of cognitive distortions. 215 more words

The Psychology of Why You Give Back Your Trading Profits

Today’s lesson is going to delve deep into what is perhaps the most frustrating of all trading mistakes; giving back your trading profits for no good reason whatsoever. 35 more words