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Bioshock Infinite (Chain of Causation)

Although it’s not entirely new, Bioshock’s presentation of players with moral decisions that they don’t immediately see the consequences of is a very important and interesting inclusion in the game, especially the way it was done at the time the game was made. 285 more words

Narrative Architecture in Bioshock

One aspect of Bioshock that I feel the developers excelled at is environmental storytelling, as discussed by Henry Jenkins in his “Game Design As Narrative Architecture”. 324 more words

Blast From the Past

Having played and loved Bioshock Infinite already but not either of the first two games in the Bioshock series, I was very excited to play the first game in the series. 284 more words

Speculation into game 3

This would be my third post talking about the third game of the 2016 finals, but I just can’t help myself. There’s a lot of elements that come into play for this game, one of which I touched on in the last post. 343 more words

Cubs Fans Stay Positive After Game 3 Loss

CHICAGO (CBS) – How did fans take the loss?

CBS 2 cameras captured mixed reactions.

It was a loss by one run, but a loss nonetheless, and some Cubbies lovers are taking it hard. 171 more words


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