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Turkey’s Gram Games bet everything on the success of puzzle game 1010!

The Turkish game studio Gram Games was down to its last $25,000 when it created 1010!, a puzzle game that resembles Tetris but builds on its gameplay. 715 more words


Jungle Jaxx the Game App: Launches April 11th 2015

The Jungle Jaxx game app will launch for iPad on Saturday April 11th, 2015. This will be the first device it will be available on. And it will be coming to iPhones and Android devices in the near future. 45 more words


User Profile

Gender: Male/Female

Age: 7+

Location: UK,USA

How offend to use it: short/long time use

When and where: Whist game is playing, they can spend time on it in the afternoon or when there free. 27 more words

Game App

Game App idea

Our game idea is a city building type game that uses you’re locate as the map. you will generate money faster the more building you have. 58 more words

Game App

App design

Start on designing the apps first page. The login and register buttons will pop out when you hover or click on them.


Popular Game App: Dumb Ways to Die 2 [GAMEPLAY]

I had some fun with this app. Watch how I respond to the mini games. You should try this game out for yourself.



Student App Spotlight: EggToss by Mukul Sharma


The Developer

Mukul Sharma is an international RIT student from Rajasthan, India finishing up his masters in Information Technology. He is currently working on his Capstone project developing his new app.  577 more words