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Choices by Pixelberry

Review coming soon, but for now, just…



Some facts about “gameplay”

Each chapter takes one key. Each key takes three hours and you can only carry two at one time. 82 more words


Cocoppaplay - Magic School event

From now till 23rd Aug 2016

Have fun!! Work with your club members to get club prizes too~


Zen Bound 2

The premise is a simple one: turn a cube (or geometric figure made of metal or wood) this way and that, in order to wrap said shape in a rope that magically paints every surface it touches. 515 more words


Toca Lab

By Sally B. And Haruu S.

Just in case anyone cares, this is a minute-by- minute record of how I (Sally) have spent the past 10 minutes: 831 more words


80 Days

There are WORLDS of observations that I wish to share with you, dear friend, except, well…

The whole GAME is about going around the whole WORLD, aka “I love you too much to torture you with philosophical goings-on at this moment,” but rest assured, I will, indeed, be posting said lectures at a not-too-far-away-from-this-very-moment, erm, like, moment. 873 more words


Poppin' Pokemon Cherry

Today Chelsea teaches me a thing or two or three or a lot actually about Pokemon and Pokemon Go!

Pop Culture

Pokemon: Go!

Like a fair majority of the population, my family and I have PokeFever. The addiction is real, and I don’t mind at all. While I don’t remember the exact day, some time earlier this week I downloaded the app. 790 more words