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#Gamification | Choosing correct network protocol for communication #gamearchitecture

TCP keeps a connection to the server, keep packets in order and acknowledges when you’ve sent it data. UDP can be out of order, does have lower overhead, consider as connectionless. 307 more words

High performance memory management

After a while of absence, I am coming back with a technical subject : the object pooling. You know that the fluidity of a game is a part of user experience and provides pleasure to player. 291 more words


From Game Architecture to First Prototype

In my last post, I briefly reviewed all the possible thing available to develop game and why we choose LibGDX as the framework for our challenge. 1,090 more words

Game News

Architecture - Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts that will detail some of the issues we’ve faced and decisions we’ve made while writing Displaced, particularly when it comes to designing the game’s architecture. 362 more words

Game Architecture

Architecture - Part 2

Sorry for the long delay between posts, we’ve been working hard on the game and finding it difficult to schedule time to blog as well! The first post in this series touched on some of the motivations behind our decision to use XNA and build our own framework (called ‘York’) on top of it, rather than using a richer engine like Unity. 889 more words

Game Architecture

Tightening up graphics, and the other subsystems

– This post has been a hold-over for a few weeks, but I decided it’s now time to flush it to the screen! –

After coming to grips with my shortage of artistic inspiration, I’ve decided to go on full steam ahead with my game features and underlying systems. 1,529 more words


GpuWars: Design and Implementation of a GPGPU Game

In: GPU Forum 2012 (CSBC)

Abstract: The GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) have evolved into extremely powerful and flexible processors, allowing its usage for processing different data. 123 more words