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Should teachers care about Pokémon Go?


The latest craze – sayeth the media – Pokémon Go! has got people out and about. Some apparently unaware of their surroundings and having injuries while others are just of having fun, discovering why ARGs are able to turn fantasy into reality (sort of) even just for a short moment. 2,883 more words

Game Based Learning

The Weekend Pokémon Go Took Over The World..

It didn’t take long for educators to discover Pokemon Go!. I like to curate what educators tag as ‘game based learning’ and in the first weekend, I captured (get it) 46 separate references to the game, all of which dropped straight into the hyper myth that some games (those picked up by the more popular EdTech voices) are going to reform education. 1,230 more words


Pokemon Go! has full access to your data

According to Art’s Technica (a site that passes the C.R.A.P test) consistently, the newest craze Pokemon Go! on iOS has FULL access to your personal data. 338 more words


Re-Mixing Play

Play is key to expanding and broadening our embodied experience with our surroundings. It is an exploratory and experiential means for incrementally, iteratively and continuously updating our understanding and interpretation of the various concepts, objects, people, emotions and the mapping between these variables. 736 more words


Weaving Game-based Learning with the Writing Process

How would students react if they had a real audience that would, not only read their productions, but also experience them, and enjoy them? Could we have students feel the desire to improve their writing as they feel the excitement of getting a response from their readers? 211 more words

Why are more people opting for game based learning processes?

If an element of fun is added to the process of learning, any tough training is going to be a joyous time. When we are playing a game, our mind experiences the pleasure of entertainment. 360 more words

Game Based Learning

CEPI Curiosities: Captain Novolin

Hello again, historio-medico aficionados. As always, this is Kevin, and I’m here with another installment of CEPI Curiosities.

For all you wonderful people who regularly follow our blogological exploits, you’ll notice we have a heavy focus on… 610 more words