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Using Reacting to the Past to Teach English Composition 101

When I asked if I could use Reacting to the Past (RTTP) in my new English Composition 101 class, and the answer was “yes,” I could barely contain my excitement. 1,140 more words


Stop Playing...Go do your schoolwork!

Changing the traditional mindset of schooling as textbook and paper homework requires a shift in paradigm.

An important question to consider is: Why do students have such a low attention span? 174 more words


Playful and gameful learning in a hybrid space

Keynoted at the SGames conference in Porto in June and it was directly after the H2020 Beaconing project workshop. A full week exploring the impact and implication of gamification in pervasive learning and how we could break barriers between formal/informal contexts as well as digital/physical spaces. 547 more words


A day in the life of a serious game developer

If you are in the serious gaming industry, then probably, you would be familiar with this conversation.

(The conversation starts with me saying that I work with a serious gaming company) 521 more words

Serious Games

8 reasons to use serious games for training

1. Highly Engaging
Serious games are very engaging and communicate in a fashion that is easily acceptable by the human mind. Use of elements like story, interesting characters, relevant settings, etc engage the user emotionally. 257 more words


Games are not stable: Is this a problem for teachers?

Following on from my post on Pokemon Go! which contained a few plus and minus points for school use, I thought its worth also raising the issue of ‘versioning’. 723 more words


Pokemon Go re-ignites 'addiction' debate - and it's wrong.

Saying Pokemon Go is fun – is like saying jogging uses energy. Most people, including me, are pro-fun and play. In this post, I want to look at why you shouldn’t re-subscribe to the ‘addiction’ debate about video games, simply because this game has become VERY popular in a few weeks – and I’ll set out my reasons why parents and kids are enjoying it. 1,701 more words