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When Game Over is a Good Thing

Picture this scene:

A room abuzz with learners fully focused and engaged in the task at hand, persisting, collaborating, sharing, challenging—themselves and others. In theory, this is what every classroom would look like every day, in some shape or form. 848 more words

Classroom Management with ClassDojo

This year I started using ClassDojo in HR. ClassDojo is a great classroom management tool based on a ‘behaviors and skills’ point system. Every morning I project students’ points on an interactive whiteboard so that my students can monitor their progress and receive immediate feedback. 146 more words

Can You Digitally BreakoutEDU?

With many digital-based coding gaming tools in “pilot” mode throughout my district, it’s time to turn some attention on an educational game-based learning tool that can be used across the K-12 grade levels and subject areas. 993 more words

Professional Development

When preparing for the worst (Serious business!!) there’s no time to start playing about! Or is there…?

“Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. What are you up to today?”
“Oh, we’re just playing some games!”
“Huh. I thought preparing for a crisis was on the agenda today. 1,160 more words


Is Game Based Learning a New Direction For e Learning Methods?

In this age of technology where every sector is accepting e learning as a part of their training module and for several other reasons, then it also becomes necessary to reinvent methods and apply them to the processes of e learning for the progress of people and also new methods in e learning will further make more people interested in this system of learning. 363 more words

Game Based Learning

ISTE Standard 2: Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

ISTE Standard 2 states that teachers must design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments. Specifically, teachers should incorporate digital tools and resources to promote student learning and creativity, enable students to manage their own learning and assess their own progress, as well as address diverse learning styles. 665 more words

2 Instruction

Bold edventures in empathy: using technology to promote global understanding

When I first encountered Skype over ten years ago, I thought about its practical uses on a micro-level: I could reach out to my grandmother in Florida, my colleague in Texas, or my college buddy in Chicago.   497 more words