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The train shuddered to a halt on the tracks, letting out a screeching hiss. The two women sitting near me finally ceased their incessant nattering and waddled our of the carriage. 34 more words



I could see the light coming through the trees from some distance away, but it wasn’t until I got closer that I began to worry at the flickering nature of it. 57 more words



“Turn the TV off,” she said, panic in her voice. I didn’t, but lowered the volume. She turned to look out the window, and that’s when I heard it, too. 7 more words



I’d never been to that part of the country before. The day was clear and mild, and I could see the peaks of the giant mountains surrounding us as we drove along the treacherous pass, snow sprinkled over them in erratic, high-summer spots. 28 more words



The controller was an extension of me; it became another limb, one from which I could disconnect whenever I wanted. Truth be told, though, that’s something I never wanted to do.


The Rain Review: Netflix on Top Form Again

It took me exactly 3 days to finish this series, and I’m super impressed. Now, just a little warning – this post will contain potential spoilers, and if you plan on watching this show, I beg you, watch it with the subtitles. 359 more words

Film Review

The Incomplete Complete Guide to Alchemy 2

If you have watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, the non-Brotherhood version, and even that thing they call a live action adaptation (‘pretty disappointed’ is a very light way to describe it), you may have wanted to try a bit of alchemy yourself. 210 more words