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First Sprite for Game

So, a friend and I are making a wee game. We have a few ideas which should make it fun and a couple of original takes on the genre so its not generic. 56 more words


I'm Torn.

No, literally. I started doing research for this blog by playing some text-based games to see how exactly text-based games stacked up to graphics. I tend to be a very graphic reader if that makes sense. 674 more words

Skyrim Remastered Discussion

​Just curious on everyone’s thoughts about the remastered Skyrim that is coming out in October. Are you excited or it? If so tell me why. If not I’d like to hear that too. 335 more words

Twiztidtech Gaming

Two Great Tastes That...Should Probably Be Kept Separated

So, I started PSS to be about games. And while there has been a bunch of game stuff, there has also been a bunch of non-game stuff, namely by means of The Captain Hammer project/Healthy Gamer stuff. 185 more words

Pretty Sneaky Sis

Thinking like a programmer

More complicated of a topic than you’d think. There’s no perfect answer to this idea, that you must “think” differently in order to be a specific thing. 396 more words

Dev Blog

Fun Codebits

I programmed the following “game” in cpp.sh to reacquaint myself with C++ and pointers. If you copy paste into the website- http://cpp.sh – you can hit run and see the affect. 494 more words