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Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I did a blog on saying 2k should kill myPark  and I still stand behind it, but I know deep down that myPark will be on NBA 2k18. 349 more words

Bring Team-Up Back to Madden

Sigh, remember on Madden 25 they had a 3v3 team up mode ? Yeahhhhhh, they need to bring that back asap. That was a great mode that gave a different way of playing online against others. 231 more words

Esports League: The Future of 2k ???

Most of y’all know that NBA 2k will debut an esports league that is going to be operated by the NBA for NBA 2k18. The esports league will consist of participating NBA teams having 5 players (us gamers) that they will draft and play for that NBA team. 398 more words


Yes I know kill is a strong word, but that should let you know how deep my frustration is with MyPark. From the messy inconsistent servers, to the annoying players playing with mascots, to the epic fail of MyPark after dark, and to the cheesy players you MyPark cards, MyPark is a mode I feel that 2k should do away with. 127 more words

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Feb's Video Game Blog Round Up: Community

Finding good video game writing on the web is by no means a difficult task. There are millions of video game blogs online ready and waiting for your perusal, which is why every month we select our favourite reading experiences based on a monthly topic. 756 more words


Cosplay Corner | Maul Cosplay

Hi guys! We have a new monthly feature post for you all the enjoy, Nintendom came up with the idea of featuring our favorite Cosplayers we’ve seen that month, so this month I’ve decided to start off with a Cosplayer I’ve seen around quite a few times now, Ben (a.k.a Maul Cosplay) A German Cosplayer and Stuntman. 630 more words


Pokémon Red, back to basics

So because I have trouble sleeping many times a week, I have my 3ds on the sidetable for especially bad nights and at those times I want to play something chill and relaxing so what did I buy from Nintendo eShop? 178 more words