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Why Are We Like This?: A 'Top 5' History of Murdering Our Characters

Level with me, do we all instinctively find the most creative and dramatic way to murder our video game characters? From my own experience, and chatting to a few friends, it seems like not only do we all do that, but we all somehow find… 211 more words


Beyond Good and Evil 2 is coming for real this time!

We got footage of Good and Evil 2 for the first time in 2008, but now Ubisoft has finally confirmed the sequel. Well it’s actually a prequel and to my knowledge we won’t be seeing the original protagonist Jade because the new story takes place before her birth. 410 more words


Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon, are you kidding me?

I just heard there’s gonna be a new version of Pokémon Sun and Moon (which are like barely over 6 months old). Typical Nintendo move, milk a game as much as you can rather than concentrate on making an actual new fucking game. 117 more words



So I tried Neverwinter online on PS4 since it’s free and we have two PlayStation 4 consoles and thus want more games to play together. WoW was the first mmorpg I tried and didn’t quite enjoy it. 225 more words


Dead Island 2| Dying for release

After re-watching the Dead Island 2 trailer which was feasted upon our eyes in 2015, I decided to have a little investigate on where we are in terms of Deep Silver’s sequel to Dead Island. 222 more words


A Criticism of Criticism

Money is power.

Love it or hate it, our society is driven by money. More specifically, society is driven by convincing the public to buy your product. 1,031 more words


Horizon Zero Dawn | Review *Mild Spoilers*

It’s here! It’s been long awaited for me to write this,  I am ready to pick it apart and tell you my experience and thoughts on this beautiful game. 1,502 more words