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Post #14 We Have POWER! (PC Build Update)

Hey guys! As promised I am bringing you regularly scheduled PC Build Update. The next part on the list is a Power Supply, which I have already ordered and has been delivered. 252 more words


Post #12 DiRT 3 Review

Hey everyone! Today I am reviewing DiRT 3. I know I said in a previous post that I was going tobe reviewing Watch Dogs but I really don’t think that’d be an accurate review considering I haven’t actually completed the story line yet, so I will be doing DiRT 3 instead! 247 more words


Post #11 ..Add One Beautiful Motherboard (PC Build Update)

Hey guys! its that depressing time of the weekend again.. the hated Monday. However my Monday was actually better than most Mondays I usually have.. because. 313 more words


Post #10 Big Decision (PC Build Update)

Hey everyone! Its Thursday which means one thing.. one more day until Friday,then the weekend! I hope everyone is having a great week thus far. I have a few announcements for today’s post so lets get started! 310 more words


Post #2: And..Its Monday Again..

Hey whats up guys!? Its Monday! and I am back for post number 2. Because I have to work, and contribute to society I did not get to play any games today, however I will be logging on tomorrow morning so I should have a little bit more a significant post tomorrow night. 83 more words

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