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Flashback Friday - #6 - Gears of War 3

Each Friday, we’re going to review some of our favourite games from days gone by, because sometimes it’s just nice to go back and revisit them. 513 more words

The Witcher 2 // Chapter 1—Part 1

Said in a Jack Bauer voice: “Previously on The Witcher 2…” (For those of you unfortunate enough not to know who Jack Bauer is, … 860 more words


The Latest Attack On Video Games

Whenever a tragedy occurs, people look for someone or something to blame. Was the other driver drunk? Are the laws too lenient? Was the person mentally ill? 382 more words


The Witcher 2 // Prologue

I’d heard of Geralt of Rivia before. I’d heard of the Witcher series before, knew it was a much-loved RPG franchise with in-depth and mature storytelling. 999 more words


Life/Blog Update

Hello readers. I hate to admit it’s been awhile since I made a blog post! I’m here to quickly brief about the reasons why and such. 187 more words


JUANDERING THE SUMMONER'S RIFT (League of Legends Tutorial for girls)

Hey guys! This piece of tutorial is useful for you if you fit any of the following criteria:

  • You know someone (a friend, a family, or a boyfriend/husband) who is addicted to this game.
  • 453 more words

Amnesia Collection FREE! (PC)

Love the Amnesia series? Well now it’s FREE to download on from Humble Bundle!

I’m definitely downloading this, although I’m a total wimp and might not play it alone, in the dark, in the light.. 34 more words