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REpurpose It: A Tic Tac Toe Tile Board

Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, tumbled marble tile, white, black, blue, and green tile…We’ve got a lot of tile! Which got us thinking of some other ways we could creatively repurpose it. 344 more words

The special dates game

In the following lesson idea, students learn about bank holidays in the UK, design their own board game, practise saying dates in English and answer questions about dates that are important to them. 732 more words

Designing a Board Game!

Just had my critique for my board game project for my Graphic Design II class! It took multiple weeks to work on it, and now that it is finally completed it feels great to see the end results. 307 more words

Where Creativity Works

Game States System

Now that the base game is working as intended, I need to implement some form of game state system that controls not only what is currently rendered to the screen, but what inputs are polled. 103 more words

Low-Level Programming

Thinking about collision - snake on fruit contact

Unlike the previous post where I spoke about the snake colliding with itself, and thus managing its own collision, this is a different story. The snake isn’t aware of the fruits position, nor is the fruit aware of the snake position, so they cannot pass data / call each others functions. 127 more words

Low-Level Programming

Haroun and the Sea of Stories Project

As a final send-off to the novel, my group and I were tasked with teaching the class about the monomyth and its use in Haroun in the Sea of Stories… 752 more words