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Human Version Of "Hungry, Hungry Hippos"

This looks fun, I’m going to add this to my fun list for my son’s 16th Birthday party.

What other games should we make into “human” versions? 15 more words


Dunia Binatang Laut

Kereeen nggak siih game board yang satu ini,,??!!

Salah satu seri dalam Dunia Binatang ini mengajak kita untuk mengenalkan berbagai satwa laut dengan cara yang asyik. 29 more words

Dunia Binatang

Very Simple Game Board Generator

Problem Description:

This program draws three types of game board configurations to the screen. First type is going to output a black table. The second one can take a special character from the user and put it in the table. 658 more words


Afghan buildings from Tinned-Pears

My quest for a lovely looking gaming board continue with some more buildings, this time a ubiquitous Afghan compound plus a generously proportioned house with a domed roof. 201 more words


Afghanistan progress... just a little!

I’ve not made a great deal of progress with the Afghan project over the last few days due to Christmas holiday commitments and general procrastination. 425 more words


Wargaming Afghanistan - The game board

To begin with at least, the brief I’ve given myself for playing Force On Force is pocket sized scenarios played on a 2ft x 2ft board that I can lay out on my desk, the kitchen table, or the ottoman in the lounge; and therefore move or relocate easily and without too much fuss. 336 more words


Teaching Fractions Using Games

So I have been doing a bit of research on teaching fractions using games lately and I have discovered a great game (adapted from one I found in a textbook) that has offered so many teachable moments, and really helps with developing conceptual understanding as well as competency with fractions procedures. 588 more words