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Top Spots to Place Your Hunting Camera

A hunting camera is not going to stumble through your bedding area, leave scents or exaggerate on the size of a buck. It is important to place your hunting camera in the perfect spots to help you how exactly about the buck you are looking for. 469 more words

Game Camera

Update, April 24, 2016

I had some small scale and recurring window taps–just one, about ten seconds after I turned off the light to sleep.  Right when I’m ready to drift off, TAP, and I am wide awake and frozen in place. 175 more words

Deer at waters edge

I have several small frog ponds on my farm.   The deer visit at night.


sarcoptic mange

I debated and delayed posting the following video of a coyote with a very advanced case of sarcoptic mange.  It breaks my heart to see him in such a diseased and distressed state. 51 more words


Oh, It's You Bob

Since early December of 2015 I’ve been involved in an effort to document the presence of flying squirrels here in northern Muskegon County, Michigan. I have a bucket list of critters I’d like to catch on my trail cameras before they die, (the cameras, not the critters) and have recently expanded the area of my efforts beyond my local haunts in order to add to my list. 457 more words

Wildlife Photography

More Lion Action

The cameras continue to catch more mountain lion activity about once per week:



A bobcat gave me a pop quiz on scat identification: