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I mowed for the first time this spring a couple of weeks ago. Presumably it was time to mow since the curb grass that the city planted when they repaved the road was edging towards a foot tall, the neighbor to the right had given his lawn a crew cut primarily so he could use his leaf blower WHENEVER POSSIBLE, and… 227 more words

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Best Trail Cameras 2017 : Buying Guide

Trail cameras or game cameras are prominent among seekers. They utilize these cameras to screen the developments of creatures that regular certain spots. Available, you can get different game cameras. 799 more words

Trail Camera

TOP 3 Best Trail Cameras That You Might Like Most.

One of the apparatuses utilized by numerous seekers is an amusement camera, which permits seeing examples in creature developments. Be that as it may, there are such a variety of brands and such a tremendous assortment of models accessible available today. 930 more words

Trail Camera

Moultrie Releases A-35 Scouting Cam To Compete A-Series

The A-35 sports 14 MP resolution, 32-LED flash with 80-foot illumination range.

The A-35 game camera can be considered the father of the A-30, with an increased resolution of 14 MP (compared to 12MP on the A-30) and 32 LEDs for a longer flash and a greater reach afield. 258 more words


Salt Licks and Full Moons!

We have had some interesting weather since we set up the Terra 6 game camera last fall.  It’s been hot, wet, dry, windy, wet, hot and then downright freezing.   364 more words


Fox vs. Snack

A fox looking for a midnight snack. It’s probably a mouse or shrew. It’s difficult to see but the potential meal gets away. It is just a small blur in the IR illumination. 10 more words

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Camera Trap Action

I recently set up a white-flash camera trap on the waterhole in my backyard.  The difference between this camera and other traditional camera traps is that it uses a white-flash, just like your camera flash, to capture the photo or video of the animals when the motion sensor is triggered.   173 more words