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10 Ways to Improve Your Game Cameras

Game cameras can be some of the most tricky coding you do. That’s why when John Nesky’s 50 Common Game Camera Mistakes from GDC 2014 went live on youtube (The talk is embedded below), I immediately watched it! 358 more words

The Light That Follows

Goat photo bomb

One thing I’ve discovered from using a trail cam is that there are periods when nothing shows up, despite the camera being on a clearly marked game trail, or that the camera produces lots of File Errors, black photos or fails to take film footage. 118 more words


Two Days in The Woods

To be more accurate, it was a few hours over two days. Last April I selected an area in nearby woods under several hemlock trees in which to place my camera trap (often referred to as a game or trail camera). 92 more words

Wildlife Photography

urban wildlife

This afternoon my yard was invaded by urban wildlife, specifically a species of peccary, known locally as javelina.  The presence of javelina is actually normal.   34 more words


Young Wild Boar trailcam infrared

For a while the boar left the area as they follow the sweetcorn harvest but over the last week I’ve noticed their scat in the field behind the house. 92 more words


Timelapse: A Study in Tides, Clouds, and Sunsets

Last spring I finally purchased a game camera. Always intrigued by the creatures that lurk near my dwelling when I am not looking, this camera gives me an observational opportunity to discover the unknown. 171 more words


Option Period--Using a Game Camera to Determine a Hunting Land Purchase

I’m currently in the option period of my land purchase–meaning the contract is turned into the title company, but I have a 21 day “option period” to decide not to buy it.   204 more words