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From the Cabin: water levels rising

The weekend before last, I stole away for most of Saturday to go to the trapline. I was anxious to get there for a couple of reasons; partly just because it had been since early January that I was last there, and I needed a little fix of the outdoors, packing my rifle, and sniffing around in the woods like a predator. 545 more words


A Squirrel and His Bone

I realize that animals like to/need to chew on bones. In some cases, it helps to grind down rodent teeth that are constantly growing; and in many cases, the bones provide nutrients. 275 more words

Weird Shit Is The Best Shit

Spring Break Extravaganza: Hunting for Sheds

Monday-Looking for Sheds

Because I already visited the available antique stores, my mom and I needed a different activity on Monday. Her BF lives out in the country and has access to several acres of wooded land so she proposed going out to tromp through the woods to look for sheds. 979 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy

The Secret Lives of...

Good, God, I need something new to do or to write about! But I’m trapped. Trapped by accumulating inches of snow, trapped by weeks of standardized testing schedules without end, and trapped by my inability to do much more than go to work, come home, try to stay warm, get ready to go back to work, sleep, go to work etc… 329 more words


A year ago, my husband and I moved around the corner from our old house into the home we are in now. One of the main reasons we moved was because the property of our new house is buffered on 2 sides by greenbelt with a little wet weather creek and thick woods. 351 more words

Jennifer Bristol

Vegan or Vampire - we are all hunters

If we are human, we are hunters. This is, in part, the thesis of this website. Wether we be vegan or vampire, we are hunters, and we are always on the hunt.   673 more words

Stuff in My Yard: Winter version

Even with the neutral palette of winter, I’ve got to find some joy in looking at my yard. As sunlight hit the frost outlines, my yard art was literally steaming. 120 more words

Stuff In My Yard