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pumas on camera

In order to get better shots of the mountain lions I recently set up a white-flash camera in Lion Wash (as I call it).  The idea was to capture night color images of the mountain lions along with the usual infrared video and it was a success!   69 more words


snake molt, bobcat & screech-owl

I’ve periodically seen a common kingsnake hanging out under my cement porch. Yesterday, I found a shed (or molt) I believe to be from this same snake.   63 more words


night blooms & busy waterhole

A couple of my non-native night-blooming cacti have bloomed since the heavy monsoon rain last week.  This time I was not prepared to capture another time-lapse of the events, but you can watch last years  73 more words


Game Camera Critters

Best to keep these little guys outside the garden! The rabbit fence and deer fence both have been working. I know for a fact that I have these critters going through the backyard because the game camera currently sitting on top of the compost bin catches them routinely foraging around the bird feeder. 117 more words


short-legged omnivores!

Last night I setup the camera close and low to the waterhole to try and capture more screech-owl action and ended up with a nice surprise – two badgers!


More Screech-Owl Antics

Since the long hot dry-spell began a family of Western Screech-Owls has been visiting the backyard waterhole.  Anyone know Screech-Owl life-histories?  Is this a family unit or unrelated adults?   25 more words


Game Camera Success!

My family bought property outside of town a couple years ago and built a cabin last summer. After seeing some deer, coyotes, and even a mountain lion, we thought it would be cool to get a game camera and see if we could get some shots of the wild life on our place. 347 more words

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