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Fox vs. Snack

A fox looking for a midnight snack. It’s probably a mouse or shrew. It’s difficult to see but the potential meal gets away. It is just a small blur in the IR illumination. 10 more words

Nature Photography

Camera Trap Action

I recently set up a white-flash camera trap on the waterhole in my backyard.  The difference between this camera and other traditional camera traps is that it uses a white-flash, just like your camera flash, to capture the photo or video of the animals when the motion sensor is triggered.   173 more words


Catching up, moving forward

Yes, I’m still dealing with post-election depression, facing the fact that the president elect’s views and cabinet choices will do their best to destroy nature in return for profit. 147 more words


Terra 6 Game Camera In Action!

Several weeks ago I saw an advertisement for the Wildgame Innovations Terra 6 game camera on sale for less than $50.00 at the local big box retailer.   456 more words


Audubon Research Ranch Camera Traps

Two days ago I checked my camera traps at the Appleton-Whittell Research Ranch of the National Audubon Society with my friend Rene.  On the way to a location where I have two camera traps we found a freshly dead deer: 140 more words


Peeing in the Pool

Why do coyotes like to pee in a perfectly good water source?  My camera caught this injured female over a month ago.  She seems to be surviving so far … What do you think about wildlife peeing in good drinking water?


Game Camera

Good Morning Ted and Jody:

About a month ago, my son Chris sent me a photo of a bobcat taken with a game camera he set up near his house in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama.  503 more words