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My Hero: Shigeru Miyamoto (A Full Sail University class discussion)

I doubt that there was anyone who had such a profound impact on my life and my chosen career path than the legend of a man we call Shigeru Miyamoto.   297 more words

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Storytelling: Timelines

I’d like designers to understand the role of a timeline within a development team, especially in projects with a campaign mode. Designers should work with writers, directors and art directors to gather the required information when creating a timeline. 1,265 more words


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Essential tips for Game Designers

Dynamic quest content in 2013: GW2, FFXIV, and WoW

Late last year I wrote a bit about my hopes for dynamic quest content in MMOs. Dynamic quest content was a promise to break away from a fixed linear content model where players are pushed along one or — if you were lucky — a few fixed questing tracks in a game. 1,441 more words


From a hard time mastering games to game design.

Can someone who has hard time getting the hang of mechanics, strategy and tactics in a game, be a game designer?

I found myself playing a game of checkers, and constantly losing. 1,211 more words

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Games that really make you "move", where are they?

Today I found myself thinking: “Man, where are those games that made me think about them all the time? That made me want to be inside the game after playing?” 1,419 more words

Day By Day

New Game Tools & Ideas Version 1

For the past six months I’ve been developing prototypes for various educational and health games in GameSalad. It’s a cute little environment with obvious limitations but a lot to like including a vibrant community of users. 485 more words


Marv Wolfman, Warren Spector - Epic Mickey 2

On a grey damp afternoon (October 18th) Centennial’s Game Art & Design students made their way to the the edge of Lake Ontario to Corus Quay… 219 more words

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