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The inspiration behind Village Life

What inspired you to make Village Life?

As you may be aware I run a little tabletop club at a school for a variety of reasons, alongside making educational, mental health and ‘just for fun’ card games. 696 more words

Game Design

Thoughts on Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition PreAlpha

What It Is

In a word, interesting. This is touted as Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, coming from White Wolf instead of Onyx Path. Remember, Onyx Path has been the publisher for the Requiem materials, as well as V20 a few years ago. 1,474 more words

Game Reviews

16 Year Vet, Lead Artist on System Shock, Kevin Manning!

1: OK who are you and what are you known for?

My name is Kevin Manning and I have had the pleasure of being involved with some amazing projects over the last  1,180 more words


Abstract Test Classes

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

I’ve done recent work to improve more test structure for Mech Retriever.  A lot of people struggle with Test Code, for a variety of reasons, but one reason it’s such a chore for many is just how much repetition can creep in if you aren’t careful. 199 more words

Portfolio reflection

Over the last few weeks i have not posted much of my work, as I have been working on my portfolio. However now that I have presented my portfolio and it is out of the way, I can start working on posting more work to my blog. 87 more words

3D Modelling

Getting Into The Industry

The film industry isn’t a standard industry to get into. It’s not as if you could go into a job centre and come out with Warner Bros hunting you down. 200 more words


Jobs In The Industry

I want to make movies… If you couldn’t already tell.

I am particularly interested in the technical aspects of filmmaking: Visual Effects, Editing, Cinematography and most of all Directing. 322 more words