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The Importance of Clarity

So today I’m going to talk about why some games just flat-out turn me off within minutes of picking them up; these are games that  955 more words

SciFi 5th edition experiment part 3 fun with Aliens

A few things.  First, you can find my earlier posts on this Science Fiction 5e thread here, and here.

Second, let me know if you like these.  1,871 more words


Day #341: Lara Croft GO

When I started this project back at the beginning of the year, it didn’t exactly take me very long to write something about the original… 375 more words

Video Games

Thoughts on why eSports won't be as big as traditional sports

I’ve enjoyed competitive sports, board games and video games all of my life. I can’t say I excel in any of these realms to a high degree, but I do enjoy playing them… and thinking about them. 1,631 more words

Game Design

Animation Continued

There are some things in this world that elude individuals, the replication of life is merely one of them.

Animation has came leaps and bounds away from when it started as this: 155 more words


Seven Sinful Feats of Wrath, No. 6

Still doing Sinful Feats of Wrath. I explain why, and what sinful feats are, here with some of the other feats.

Towering Rage (Sinful)
Your rage makes you stronger and tougher. 177 more words

Pathfinder Development

Unity 2D - Spaceship Camera Follow

I’ve been waiting for camera follow for weeks, I know I could have googled it but there were other priorities and hand ins going on. With this I can finally expand the size of the levels. 769 more words

Game Design