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Collectable Chain Challenge in Rayman Legends.

Lately I’d been craving some good platforming action.  I looked through the PS4 store and checked out several different titles, then saw that Rayman Legends was on sale. 535 more words

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The First Starfinder Roleplaying Game Content Post!

So, obviously I’ve been thinking a lot about Starfinder-compatible material that could go up here. It has to be material I thought off on my own time (rather than while doing Paizo work), and that I honestly believe is not a good match for any Paizo product. 838 more words

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Hunting Whales: The Problem with "Free-to-play" Games

Hey everybody! I am currently enjoying my honeymoon, which means no new article this week. Instead, I hope you can enjoy this article from a few months ago. 1,889 more words

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Weekly Update #124

Hello and welcome back to another weekly Dev blog.

First up our list of what we achieved this week:

  • The Ophidia didn’t get as much love as I had planned.
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Kathleen Mercury - Game Design with the Future in Mind

Whats more exciting and inspiring than a woman game designer? A woman game designer thats also teaching a whole new generation how to make games. I sat down last month with Saint Louis’s… 1,926 more words


Mechanics Transparency: Tales of Xillia Edition

Twice before on this blog I have discussed having transparent mechanics in games being a good thing.  The first time I addressed GUIs and how they functioned in… 1,271 more words


If you have read the ‘About’ page, you know that I am the Art Director at Serenity Forge game development studio. This is the most recent trailer for… 33 more words