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The Rest of the Story

Back at the end of April the Guardian ran a story written by BGG regular Matt Thrower on political board wargames…


Now, at his personal site, Matt has filled in the bits that his tin-eared editor cut out. 65 more words

Game Design

Hello world!

Have you ever wanted to see into the game industry? Well here is your sneak peek!

I am a young woman in the gaming industry, involved with production. 83 more words

Animal Crossing

What's the draw? Pokémon

I can think of few better examples of how mainstream games have gotten than Pokémon. Growing up myself it was somewhat unusual to spend time playing computer games… go forward a generation or two and you’ll find many young adults who’ve spent much of their life playing with the iconic ‘pocket monsters’. 1,778 more words


Sympathy For The Devil: A Look At Devilian

Today I signed up for the Devilian beta (I think), navigating a number of broken buttons and website errors.

Trion’s ship looks creaky, with lots of hate in recent… 644 more words

Game Design

Stay On Target

The target audience is a critical consideration for any product. During my engineering days, such considerations were very clear. The customer would provide specifications, and I would create the control panel or wiring diagram or program to meet those specifications. 288 more words


More Your Planet prototyping

I started off today with some writing on Resource cards and Disaster cards.  Writing was easy today because I had solved one of the great “problems” of the game this morning. 465 more words

Game Design