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Feb's Monthly Blog Report -- Some BB Action :)

For the end of each month, we’re going to do a report on how our blog, social media, and website are doing, in order to both show our progress in getting the word our there, as well as show just how human we are. 697 more words

Game Design

Creature College Week 2 Update - Anime Con and Designs

Welcome to our week 2 news round up

It’s been another exciting week for us here at Happy Otter Games. The highlight of the week has been an invitation to take part in… 367 more words

Play Testing

What Is a Game? - Exploring the Player's Pysche - #whatisagame

(This post stems from United We Game‘s writing challenge – What Is a Game? An interesting thought that I’ve fought with for some time, and the good folks over at UWG finally encouraged me to deal with.) 1,130 more words

Game Design

Oncoming Blues


I was originally just going to write a little note about my experience replaying this after a few months having had made it. I was then rather surprised to find that I hadn’t uploaded onto itch, and discussed it here. 238 more words

Video Post: VO Review Grow Home

I got bored and made a video for the last post about Grow Home. It has a silly with video and voices. =)

Transcript can be found here


From the world pool: February 27, 2015

Socio-political commentary

The wonderful Jay Smooth: The Oscars and learning the craft of being good. “While this year’s presentation was the most “explicitly political” Oscars ceremony in years, the academy selections and nominees also managed to represent ‘the most exclusionary, white-ish, dudebro-ish’ aspect of Hollywood. 381 more words

Flotsam & Jetsam

Happy Mitten Magic - A Conversation With...Matt Worden and Jeff Large About Aether Magic

I’m joined this time by Jeff Large of Happy Mitten Games and Matt Worden, the designer of Happy Mitten’s very first game – Aether Magic. We discuss Happy Mitten’s evolution from a podcast to a game company, what Matt has been up lately, and what Aether Magic is all about. 3,150 more words