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What role should frustration have in the player’s experience of a game?

It’s a tricky question. For a while game designers assumed the answer was ‘none’, that frustration was an inherently unpleasant experience with nothing to offer, that it stood opposed to everything that players play games for. 682 more words

Problem Machine

Combat Notes in Brief

So in the process of trying to figure out item saving throws and looking at mundane healing I also spent a fair amount time reviewing the combat rules. 1,447 more words

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Year Zero

Okies this is the first instalment of Year Zero in the journey of Orange Wolf Industries journey.

Yesterday I received my validation that I can now make the massive application to the Arts Council…I’m shivering in anticipation and distraction…It’s a biggy, its scary and I’m worried I’m going to make a mess of it and all the planning and work I’ve done for the past few years to evolve this project will vanish like something that vanishes…I’ve also given up chocolate for Lent…yeah what an idiot lol.   64 more words


Since my last post…

Last September I posted that I had tweaked the rules and that OBTINEO was so much better, and that I would soon be posting an updated version of the rules for the print and play… Well I obviously haven’t posted them yet. 379 more words

Daily Design: Day 44

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. 357 more words

Game Design

A Short Rant About Opening Moves


Hi Guys, today I have a short theory article/rant which outlines one of my pet-peeves with the game in its current state. The problem: The lack of variability in the opening (when going first). 1,745 more words