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First post: The Idea

The Idea

The game idea that I’m working on is a stealth roguelite¹ that is inspired by games such as Thief, Hitman, Caves of Qud… 1,062 more words


On Feedback

As I’ve been working on a new game, I’ve arrived at probably my least favorite part of the process. The major mechanical work is done, everything’s written up, and I’ve even started playtesting. 858 more words

Game Design

2D Platformer Game Progression

Today I went back to my 2D plat-former game and began to add some new mechanics to the game to make it more playable. First what I did was I created a new GameObject which was 3D Text. 386 more words

Game Design

Nights of Fire: quite long interview at The Players Aid

Over at the Players Aid blog, Grant Kleinheinz has posted a very long interview I did with him on Nights of Fire.


Lots of details on how the game came to be, history of the situation, changes during design, detailed look at the structure of the game’s sequence of play and components. 8 more words


Prototype design screen for a Doom companion mobile app

Just finished the Doom campaign, wanted to share an idea for an companion app to the main game.

I would see this app being used to keep track of new player made maps and custom games being created. 8 more words

Game Design

Meteos – DS – Rank 10

Meteos is a tile matching game released in 2005, it was inspired by missile command, the film the matrix, and the television series 24. The goal is to move three or more of the same colour block next to each other to prevent the screen from filling up. 609 more words

Game Design

D&D 5e: How Will You Rage?

Colin recently posted a thorough examination of some of the flaws in the 5e barbarian. I agree with most of his points, and have several of my own that I plan to do a writeup on eventually (spoiler: your choices in character build and combat tactics are extremely limited and boring). 2,906 more words

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