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My First Maya Animation - Joint Tool/Rigging

During this task we were asked to rig a 3D model (person) using the joint tool in Maya. We had to create a skeleton and attach it to the 3D model and then use keyframes whilst moving and rotating the body parts to create a dancing animation. 104 more words

Computer Game Development

From Concept to Creation

My Concept 

The 3D Environment I created in Unity

Today I made a 3D environment model of my most recent concept art piece. I created it using Unity. 76 more words


New TIME WARP card game decks available as POD from PrinterStudio

TIME WARP: Mad Science, TIME WARP: Ragnarok, and TIME WARP: Wild West Now available on POD from PrinterStudio!

PrinterStudio Shop for TIME WARP card game! Come show some love and get a new card game to play. 38 more words

New Developments: Google Play (Android) games now available

Vellum Information is pleased to announce the release of several new Android apps, and some partner efforts that are sponsored on Newgrounds.com:



The classic Concentration card game meets Android and high fantasy – images of goblins, elves, swords, and sorcerers decorate this 8-level concentration game. 312 more words


3D South Park TV Animation

This is the final outcome of work which has been put together using work that has already been posted on my blog. It includes 2D images that I made using Adobe Photoshop such as the character, a sound clip which was manipulated in Audacity to make it sound more like a South Park character, my custom 3D television which I also tried to format in a South Park style using Autodesk Maya and then finally Premiere Pro which was used to create the animation and render the scene. 104 more words

Computer Game Development

My First Audacity Sound

As part of the Premiere Pro animation task I also had to learn to manipulate sound to change my characters voice. I took a line from Family Guy that Stewie says and changed the pitch of it to give it more of a South Park style sound. 82 more words

Computer Game Development

Desktop App Code - Version 0

I have added some Java Swing dialog components to the desktop app, and coded a way to receive username/sign-in input from the user. I am currently working on a way to transfer funds from the desktop to the mobile player. 44 more words

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