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King of the Swamp: Minimum Viable Product

So I started working on another game, King of the Swamp. The game will be a simple, cannibalistic Hungry, Hungry Hippos with bullfrogs, lovecraftian transformations, and local multiplayer. 181 more words

Getting Started

Today was the first day of proper work, we started with a morning meeting, which we will have daily, where we discussed our aims for today and the week and divided the first tasks. 148 more words



The above is a game I decided to distract myself with. I was working on a computer that wasn’t mine, the internet was temporarily down so I could get access to my home files, and I also loss access to most recreations you can do inside with your clothes on. 221 more words

Personal Branding

So a few days I had a lecture about personal branding, The lecture was all about getting your name out into the industry and becoming recognizable, one of the tasks that was giving to the class was to break down company logos and research what the logo is saying, one of the examples we had was jaguar, how it was is a positive position,moving forward,speed etc. 219 more words

Texture Artisit

PSRC Progress (March)

A quick PSRC update for March

This month I kept on drawing more guns, this time from the futuristic side as seen here:

Aside from that, there was also major work in figuring out the business side of things, taxes and the other official stuff. 618 more words

Harnessing the Psychology of Gifting

I feel like gifting has a bad name in games. Like the term “social” it has been ascribed to Facebook games that often implement interesting features in unexciting ways. 1,620 more words

Game Design

Environmental Storytelling Continued

At GDC in 2010, Matthias Worch and Harvey Smith gave a presentation titled “What Happened Here”, which was all about environmental storytelling. They used this image: 1,187 more words