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Positive Habits of Gaming

This is my second article written for Gameapalooza.com.au

It is the second part of a series I did on habits of mind and board games. 80 more words

System and Story

‘Interactive’ is a convenient buzz-word that we’ve been using to describe games for some time. What separates games from other art, so we say, is that the audience acts upon the game and the game in turn acts upon them, a stable loop where each shapes the experience. 756 more words

Problem Machine

Gameplay Feedback: Screen Shake

In his presentation The art of screenshake (2013) Jan Willem Nijman (JW) of indie game studio Vlambeer highlights the importance of clear and embellished feedback. Specifically in action arcade games, visual and audio feedback is critical when your primary method of translating an idea involves shooting bullets or the like. 522 more words

Game Design

Pole hammers and word monsters

I was inspired to do this concept of a poleaxe-like weapon after watching a guy talk about a Danish axe on youtube. Yes, I watch stuff like that. 306 more words

Cardboard Architects Ep. #46 A Difficult Episode

Episode Forty – Six

We talk about difficulty in games and what kind of difficult we think about when we are building our games. We also define the different kinds of difficulty we see in games. 50 more words

Board Game Design

Super Mario Maker - Future Developer (Video)

Hey so a while a go I wrote an article on how Super Mario Maker could be used as a toolset for future game developers. I decided to create a video version of the article should you be interested. 8 more words


All The Information You Desire

Migrating my item generator into the game project didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, and a lot of the script broke, so I had to redo a lot of it, and spent several hours getting it all working again. 477 more words