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Look Development: Mockup

Finally the visual design is coming together. This is the look for the city: dark, misty and neon lit.  It fits with the time mechanic and should unify all the city environments. 57 more words

Concept Art

Work - 10/24/2016

After having a bit of a freak out last week, I figure out a few of my issues with the camera, but I’m not super keen on how it’s turned out. 9 more words

Pathfinding Attacks

An odd concept, much in need of tuning but with the hint of a useful idea.

Players can choose from either of two weapons. Once pathfinds sensibly to the opponent. 36 more words

Game Design Theory

Game Design

Game design expands a game concept into a set of interesting mechanics for players to master and make choices with that give rise to dynamics that make the game more than the sum of its parts and aesthetics that make the experience memorable and emotional. 45 more words

#Microfeats - Centalier

Microfeats are experimental feats we have in playtesting or development (and may well change before they ever get used in a product – or may get cut entirely). 162 more words


CBA Pubcast #2 - First Game on the Docket

Chris and Frank talk about the first games they are taking to market. (that sounded way more official than I wanted…..haha)



Libsyn Link:  47 more words

Card Game Design

Slide Presentasi: Perancangan Game (Game Design)

Pembuatan game sangat kompleks. Bahkan, game sederhana sekali pun membutuhkan waktu dan usaha yang lumayan.

Game design merupakan pekerjaan penuh tantangan, membutuhkan pemahaman akan seni, pemrograman, audio dan bisnis. Jadi bersiaplah!