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AI Controlled Ships

Pretty early on I realized that Space Frigates was pretty boring and hard to test with only one ship flying around. So I decided to create ships that were controlled by the computer. 420 more words

How to Learn Stuff

I grew up playing loads of edutainment games. I know why. Though my household was scraping by, my dad saw something new in a computer. He wanted to be part of whatever that was. 2,420 more words


Post 22 - Coming to the End of the First Half Term

Game Design


I’ve been continuing to work on my redone ball rolling game in my 3D Game Design lessons, with some modelling work at home as well. 643 more words

Game Design

Concept Shift

We discussed problems with the balancing “game” concept. In our opinion, it didn’t sufficiently take into account the needs and wants of the end user, and focussed too much on what the designers and client wanted. 18 more words

Game Design

Design with Constraints

I’m assuming many of you have come across some silly designs, looking at you Norman Doors and, some flat-pack furniture¬†from a certain company. But have you ever instinctively¬†known which way a battery goes in? 232 more words

Game Design

Speculation/Design: The desire to Min-Max

*Indirect spoilers everywhere at the start, either ignore or be prepared, I forgot half of them*

When you are The Hero, you tend to start out… 2,325 more words


Week 12 (Semester 2) - Summary

This week the main 3D elements of the level polish were completed, as well as most of the 2D elements. UI assets were implemented, lighting was completed, final 3D models were made and textures, emissive materials were completed and the 2D intro cut-scene animation was finalized. 73 more words

Game Design